On each scheduled visit, we will

By: Rankin Home Check  09-12-2011

 o Walk around exterior of house and other buildings on property.

o  Inspect grounds.

o  Inspect for vandalism, damage or forced entry.

o  Inspect for signs of ‘critter invasion.’

o  Check appearance of exterior oil tanks.

o   Check siding, roof and gutters for damage.

o  Reduce appearance of home being vacant when possible.

o  Room by room inspection of interior of the house.

o  Check for any sources of odour.

o  Check the security of all windows and doors.

o  Check under sink plumbing for leaks, kitchen and bath.

o  Check basement for possible flooding.

o  Reset electric appliances and breakers, if needed.

o  Flush toilets, if requested.

o  Check refrigerator and freezer function, if requested.

We are also available to answer any alarm calls, keep the lawn mowed, water the flowers or pick up your mail.                         Charges start at $25/hour.
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