By: David Kadlec  09-12-2011
Keywords: Photography, Virtual Tours

Website design and hosting solutions

As a web developer I know how essential it is for businesses and organizations to maintain a professional, dynamic and highly engaging online presence in today's web driven world. My custom-built and template based website development utilizes straightforward web designs and a practical approach to deliver concise, dynamic content that will provide an engaging online experience for your website's visitors.

The majority of my web designs include an open source CMS from your choice of the three most popular Content Management Systems available today (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal), ensuring not only will your site be able to keep pace with rapidly changing technology for years to come, but will also be very easy to update and maintain. Open source CMS is the most cost-effective platform I know on which to build a flexible and scalable online presence.

My web hosting is feature rich, competitively priced, and very reliable with a 99.9% server uptime guarantee.

Existing website redesign - CMS conversion

Are you frustrated with trying to constantly manage and update your static website? Do you need an easier, more efficient and cost effective way to update your website content? If the answer is yes then perhaps your website needs a serious m akeover - a makeover that will turn a liability into an asset!

Static HTML-based websites are obsolete. Websites with limited dynamic content are passé. Stay in sync with what your visitors have come to expect and convert your aging site into a modern, fully-loaded database driven CMS website with rich features and robust functionality!

Website administration and maintenance

There are many instances where it may not be practical or even desirable to administer and maintain your own website in-house. The truth of the matter is that even with an easy to maintain CMS site, website administration still takes time. Your time (as well as that of your staff) might be better spent focusing on your core activities, or maybe you just aren't comfortable "tinkering with computer stuff". No problem. I also provide full site administration and maintenance services. And best of all you don't need to commit to an expensive monthly maintenance plan. Like my custom design work, I charge by the hour for administration and maintenance. Better yet, I break that down to quarterly hour billing - a real bonus when it comes to simple changes like modifying the price of an item or updating a staff contact list.

HD Video and Flash® multi-media production

I offer full service in-house web video production. From a simple After Effects® or Flash® intro to a full blown HD video web commercial,  I have the equipment and capability to produce dynamic online presentations that not only enhance your online marketing efforts, but can also dramatically increase your search engine rankings. Your finished product is muti-formatted so it can be streamed for a variety of uses, including embedding in your site, or uploaded to YouTube®, Vimeo®, Facebook® and other popular websites.

Contrary to popular opinion, online video doesn't need to be an expensive hollywood production to be effective. A well edited mix of still photographs cut with some good quality video footage, background music and voice over narration can often be enough to produce a captivating online presentation. To save some money you can even shoot the footage yourself and have me edit it for a final cut. I also offer HD camera rentals on a daily or weekly basis for this purpose.

360º virtual tours

360º virtual tours are a great way to engage your online visitors by letting them explore your facilities "virtually". With high-definition photography, high dynamic range imaging techniques, and intuitive navigation features my virtual tours aren't like those you've seen on real estate sites.  They are full screen virtual presentations that showcase your facilities in their best possible light.

Professional photography

In addition to video and virtual tours, I also offer a wide-range of professional photographic services. In fact, photography is where I got my start. I have the ability to either shoot the images you require directly, or access the images you need to make your project pop through online stock photography suppliers. My in-house photographic services are suitable for both online as well as print use and enable me to integrate top quality imagery into your project. I can also assist in helping you choose just the right image to convey your message effectively.

360º product photography

Are you marketing and selling your products online? Three dimensional product photography is a great marketing and sales tool that can add a whole new dimension to your online catalog. According to marketing specialists, 360º views for products are considered "one of the most effective methods to promote products in online stores". They allow shoppers and potential customer to rotate your products, examine them in detail, and make informed purchasing decisions.

View an example of my 360º product photography 

Keywords: Photography, Virtual Tours