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By: Ice Pro  09-12-2011
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Quality Manufacturing with Exacting Standards

The quality control from beginning to end can only be described as exacting. In 30 years of production, we have never had a synthetic ice rink fail due to manufacturing defect. As a result, we can give our customers the highest quality and performance guarantee.

We offer several material grades and panel systems to meet all applications and budgets:

IcePro SmartRink series: Excellent value product competitively priced

IcePro ProFast series: Premium product series for high performance

IcePro SmarkRink8000 and ProFast8000 For Residential and Light Commercial
3 Year Warranty

SmarkRink8000 and ProFast8000 panels are tailored for the residential user and smaller hockey training facilities. The system uses a precision dove tail joint which makes the product very easy to install with no tools except a rubber mallet.

The material used in the ProFast series has been proven to allow the skater to glide further and skate faster than competing products. This has been proven through independent tests conducted by hockey training experts.

A major advantage of both the SmartRink and ProFast series is that unlike our competitors you will not have to worry that annoying white dusty powder that coats everything and makes clean up impossible. Under normal use will easily outlive your childs minor hockey career - it should easily last 15 years.

Another advantage is that each panel is light in weight which means that it is easy to handle. The ProFast product has excellent glide factor and is considered the ideal choice for improving hockey skills in smaller spaces.



Each panel is 1020mm x 1020mm and weighs 8 kilos. ProFast panels are IcyBlue in colour and are made using Ice-Y-Blue700 technology. ProFast panels are the fastest product on the market today using the standardized weighted skate testing methods.


As pictured above except all panels come in white. SmartRink8000 panels use a High Molecular Weight Pe and provide excellent skating performance for the price. This is hands down the best skating product on the market for the price.

ProFast1800B Commercial grade - 10 Year Warranty Indoors, 5 year Outdoors

This unique panel design joing system has been a proven skating workhorse since 1978 and is best suited for high traffic commercial operations such as professional development centres or large scale recreational use. The product uses a precision engineered tongue and groove joining system. The ice panels are fit tightly together creating a "seamless" joint. This joint has been proven to stay together and tight on even the roughest surface such as gravel, grass, sand, and uneven asphalt or concrete.

This product has a life expectancy of 20 - 25 years when properly maintained and cared for.

Specifications: each panel is 1m x .75m and weighs 16 kilos. Colour: IcyBlue

Please note: This product can also be ordered using the SmartRink specification material.

The facts on synthetic ice products:

IcePro has been engineered for extensive, long-term use without creating a powdery residue. Other products on the market create a significant volumn of powdery silicone residue which covers hockey gear, clothes and travels through the air in your house or facility.

Like most products out there, they aren't all created equally. Consumers need to be wary of synthetic ice products with a "low" price - generally speaking this means it's an inferior product and unless you want to be disappointed with your skating experience you should avoid it.

Common sense tells you if prices range from $8 per square foot to $25 per square foot then there must be something different about the products - and there certainly is.

We strongly urge you to do your homework to avoid dissappointment. Simply put, low cost product generally does not work well. Kids will become quickly discouraged and disappointed. Ask the company some of these questions:

1)Does the product use a high molecular weight resin as its raw material? If so what is the molecular weight? The molecular weight of the resins used in the product have a lot to do with your skates' ability to glide across the surface and how long the product will last.

2) Ask if the product is standard stock grade plastic (generally available anywhere) or if it's raw material (resin) is specifically manufactured for skating.

3) If the manufacturer claims they don't require any kind of glide solution be very cautious.Some claim that the product somehow secretly creates it's own from within. Polyproylene is a homogeneous product - it does not leach out special oils for example. Question manufacturers that claim otherwise and make a determination for yourself - or let us help you do it.

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