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By: Praxes  09-12-2011

Whether you are managing a remote medical facility, a remote search incident, or staff working in remote locations, EMwerx has a solution for you. EMwerx has been specifically designed to meet the tactical needs of organizations with remote team members. It is an internet-based solution that also operates as a stand-alone tool without internet connection. You can capture all information in real time, and synchronize securely with a central database once an internet connection is available. EMwerx has been in continuous use by medical professionals since 2003.

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EMwerx - About the EMwerx Product

More recently EMwerx has been further developed with incident management functionality, for use by Ground Search and Rescue teams and other emergency response organizations. EMwerx is a web-based software application that has been built over the past 10 years as a tactical tool for management of remote emergency medical issues. Member and asset data can be accessed in the field, and data from the field events can also be collected.


EMwerx - EMWerx Services

This step is often necessary when some required data is not in electronic format. The EMwerx Team is pleased to offer the following EMwerx Services. 8 hours of training and consulting time.