EMwerx - About the EMwerx Product

By: Praxes  09-12-2011

EMwerx is a web-based software application that has been built over the past 10 years as a tactical tool for management of remote emergency medical issues.  More recently EMwerx has been further developed with incident management functionality, for use by Ground Search and Rescue teams and other emergency response organizations.

EMwerx is a real tool, built for real people! 

  • Built for emergency doctors as a tactical emergency response tool

  • Built on real work flow, rather than a "technology-for-the-sake-it" approach

  • Manages people, assets and emergency events, in real time in the field

  • Functions as stand-alone software, synchronizes via the web

  • Installation Options:

  • Hosted

  • Enterprise

  • Laptop/USB drive installations

  • Unique field-use capabilities of EMwerx:

    A remote version of EMwerx can be loaded on either a laptop or a USB stick and it can operate as a stand-alone system in the field, for example when no internet connection is available.  Member and asset data can be accessed in the field, and data from the field events can also be collected.  Multiple remote locations can be set up for a particular field event.  All data is collected and collated on the central server once a connection is available and synchronization is complete.

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    EMwerx - EMWerx Services

    This step is often necessary when some required data is not in electronic format. The EMwerx Team is pleased to offer the following EMwerx Services. 8 hours of training and consulting time.


    EMwerx - Solutions

    Whether you are managing a remote medical facility, a remote search incident, or staff working in remote locations, EMwerx has a solution for you. You can capture all information in real time, and synchronize securely with a central database once an internet connection is available. EMwerx has been specifically designed to meet the tactical needs of organizations with remote team members.