ADOView for Windows Mobile

By: MetaDesign Solutions  18-01-2016
Keywords: Plugin Development, ADOView for Windows Mobile, Windows Mobile Plugin Development,

Now with the help of this featured plugin, one can easily preview documents in your SkyDrive on the Windows mobile. The task of previewing documents becomes so simplistic and facile with ADOView that it helps in economising time and efforts.

Keywords: ADOView for Windows Mobile, Plugin Development, Windows Mobile Plugin Development,

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ADOView extends the advantages to support QuarkXpress documents also.


ADOView for Blackberry

Its compatibility also extends upto playbook and Blackberry, as ADOView permits one to browse InDesign


ADOView for iPhone

Now on the iPhone also, the users would be able to browse the InDesign and InCopy documents with an instant and simple click. Moreover, to see information on fonts, colors and assets used in these documents, become all the more easy and simplistic task to do.


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Another featured plugin that eases the task of viewing documents for InDesign and InCopy. Moreover, what adds on to its advantages is that one can preview the InDesign and InCopy documents with just a single click, on your android device.

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ADOView for Windows

Adding on to the advantages of ADOVIEW is its integration with Windows Vista and Office 2007

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ADOView for Mac

ADOView is a plugin with the help of which content previewing happens just too instantly without any hurdles involved and minimises the task of opening up the entire document in its standard application.


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It has been envisaged as one of the leading editing tools for vector graphics.

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ProofPlus for InDesign

Another InDesign plugin which adds emailing features to Adobe InDesign CS Suite is ProofPlus for InDesign.

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