Child Behavior Therapy & Counseling

By: Breakthrough  09-12-2011

Many common child behavior issues such as conduct problems, temper tantrums, sleeping difficulties, and fussy eating do not respond to traditional "talk therapy". This is also true of other more significant childhood disorders such as autism, ADHD, and Tourette's syndrome. For problems like these, behavioral management therapies have been shown to be the most effective form of intervention. Talk therapy, dietary management, or other alternative treatments simply don't work for many of these kinds of problems.

Behavior parent training (BPT) has been shown repeatedly to effectively treat common problems such as bedwetting, and reduce the impact of more severe disorders such as ADHD. BPT assists the child's parents or caregiver in establishing more desirable patterns in the child's behavior. BPT can increase compliance and reduce problematic behaviors in a relatively short period of time.

Typically, BPT is conducted on a regular basis over six to eight weeks, with significant improvements often noted in a few weeks. Often, a child does not even have to attend counseling sessions regularly, unless the therapist determines he or she need to be included in sessions.

In the initial stages of the BPT, the adults are familiarized with solid, child-rearing principles. Following this stage, the specific problem(s) of the child are addressed. The early steps of BPT are quite refreshing for the parents and the child because positive interactions are created with the change in the behaviors of both the child and parents. As the counseling process continues, parents report that they feel more empowered and their relationship with their child is more positive. When needed, behavioral strategies can also be incorporated to improve a child's behavior in the school setting.

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