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By: Groundwork Open Source  09-12-2011

Monitoring in GroundWork is done with a selection of tools. In some cases more than one tool will be used, for synergistic effects and greater efficacy, but much of the “nuts and bolts” of monitoring is done with Nagios®. The configuration of this part of GroundWork is done by collecting commonly checked metrics into Profiles, which can then be applied to hosts.

A profile can define the monitoring of anything, leveraging the open nature of the system. The target can be a server, a network device, an application, database or web server, or even an abstract collection of other objects.

All this means that out of the box, GroundWork is equipped to monitor dozens of common infrastructure elements, but that you are in no way limited to just these. It’s easy to adjust the profiles we supply to your needs, or to create your own.

Here are a few of the profiles we supply to get you started:

  • BlackBerry
  • Enterprise Server
  • Citrix
  • Apache
  • Web Servers
  • Oracle
  • Server
  • AIX
  • HP-UX
  • Generic SNMP
  • DNS
  • Named
  • Mail (SNMP)

Other products and services from Groundwork Open Source


Products - GroundWork

It tracks and records availability, gives you rapid problem notification, and presents trending data and reports for all of your IT infrastructure, using an enterprise class portal with customizable dashboards. It’s simple, open, XML feeder format means your applications can feed their data to GroundWork, letting GroundWork take care of normalizing and displaying what your applications are trying to tell you.


Enterprise Edition Overview - GroundWork

Enterprise Edition provides availability and performance visibility for large, heterogeneous and distributed environments comprised of thousands of systems, for mid-sized environments with hundreds, or small installations with just a few nodes.


Services - GroundWork

Based on this experience, GroundWork offers highly specific and efficient services designed to make available situational best practices that save time, money, and confusion at every stage of the monitoring system lifecycle. We have been close observers and partners with thousands of organizations deploying GroundWork software in hundreds of different types of applications.


GroundWork Monitor: What’s New - GroundWork

GroundWork Distributed Monitoring Agents have been updated to include the latest version of WMI scripts, additional functionality, major bug fixes, and several performance and reliability issues have been addressed. Event Console enhancements – Vast improvements have been made to the Event Console, including UI/UX tweaks and additional search options, allowing for tighter integration into typical NOC operations.