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By: Groundwork Open Source  09-12-2011
Keywords: Cacti, Distributed Environments

GroundWork Monitor 6.5

NMS modules (ntop, NeDi and Cacti Weathermap) – , , and are now free to all Flex customers as an optional install. Please note that NMS components are not included in the 6.5 installer but can be downloaded .

Event Console enhancements – Vast improvements have been made to the Event Console, including UI/UX tweaks and additional search options, allowing for tighter integration into typical NOC operations.

JOSSO integration (New in GWMEE 6.4 and bugfixes for GWMEE 6.5) – The JBoss login module has been replaced with the feature rich and enterprise proven JOSSO authentication framework for added security. JOSSO has integration points to LDAP and Active Directory and fully supports federated authentication.

For GDMA Users

  • GroundWork Distributed Monitoring Agents have been updated to include the latest version of WMI scripts (version 1.4), additional functionality, major bug fixes, and several performance and reliability issues have been addressed.

For JDMA Users

  • The UI to configure the Java Distributed Monitoring Agents has been improved and the configuration process has been simplified with the inclusion of a new configuration wizard, a "Test Connection" feature,
GroundWork Monitor 6.4

For MSPs

  • Maps and diagrams in “Views” have been fully integrated into roles and permissions allowing strict separations between different customers sharing the same GroundWork Monitor installation.

For Windows Users

  • The Windows monitoring agent (GDMA) now supports applications running on 64-bit Windows and the retrieval of measurements using Powershell for deeper monitoring.
  • Windows coverage has been expanded to include Microsoft Cluster Server.

For Large, Distributed Environments

  • Windows and Linux agents are now able to retrieve their configuration and plugins directly from the Groundwork Server giving admins the ability to update agents from a central location reducing maintenance overhead.
  • Linux Child server will now spool measurements in the event of a network outage.

For All Users

  • Integration with ActiveDirectory and LDAP is now improved with support for federated directories.
  • Portal security layer has been updated to provide improved access control and authentication.
  • Over 100 additional bugfixes across the product.
GroundWork Monitor 6.3

Improved monitoring of network infrastructure – Release 6.3 now includes the popular cacti network polling project. Cacti enables GroundWork Monitor to effectively monitor large network environments and other SNMP-enabled infrastructure. The GroundWork user interface combines graphs and information from multiple sources, including cacti, into a coherent single-pane view of your monitored infrastructure.

Live-diagrams of your business processes, logical and physical infrastructure – Cut through the noise with diagrams that present operations information in a form that’s accessible to end customers, partners and executives. Provide timely information to non-technical stakeholders.

Support for accessing GroundWork Monitor from the Apple iPad

The trouble-view dashboard is back – Updated from Release 5 to show a targeted view of current problems in the environment with additional context information.

New event console capabilities include audible alarms when new events occur – This is particularly useful in NOCs where multiple modes of conveying the current state of the environment are useful.

The GWOS Java monitoring agent – Updated to provide support for Oracle WebLogic 10 application servers in addition to Red Hat, JBoss, Tomcat, and IBM WebSphere already supported.

Keywords: Cacti, Distributed Environments

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