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By: Yolo Environmental  09-12-2011
Keywords: Environmental Impact Assessment, Stormwater Management, Consulting Experience

YOLO Environmental Incorporated applies over 26 years of consulting experience in both the private and public sectors in Canada and internationally. We provide environmental-related expertise to the following sectors for planning, assessment, and monitoring:

Environmental Impact Assessment

An environmental impact assessment (EIA) is an assessment of the possible impact-positive or negative-that a proposed project may have on the environment, together consisting of the natural, social and economic aspects. The purpose of the assessment is to ensure that decision makers consider the ensuing environmental impacts when deciding whether to proceed with a project.

YOLO Environmental Inc. has experience in applying the EIA process within Canada and internationally and offers these services:

  • Determine the level of environmental assessment
  • Preparing regulatory applications for permits and approvals
  • Designing, conducting and managing investigations to determine if habitats or resources that are potential at risk from adverse effects from development
  • Issues scoping
  • Stakeholder engagement and consultations
  • Develop mitigation by working with clients on project design
  • Preparation of EAs and Strategic Environmental Assessment
  • Technical review of EAs
  • Design and implementation of follow-up and monitoring
  • Constraint analysis
  • Knowledge transfer and training
Sector Experience:

Oil and Gas Exploration and Production, Electric Generation, Transportation, Mining, Pulp & Paper, Government, Military, Communication Transmission, Energy Transmission, and Urban Development

Environmental Effects Monitoring

Environmental effects monitoring (EEM) programs involve the collection of repeated measurements of environmental variables to detect changes that are directly or indirectly attributable to a discharge.

The EEM program is undertaken with the following primary objectives: to verify whether the effects of a discharge into the environment occurs within the zones of influence predicted by the EIS; to evaluate the effectiveness of mitigation and identify the need for improved or altered mitigation; to provide an early warning of undesirable change in the environment; to provide results to the regulatory authorities, stakeholders and public so that there can be informed decision making; and to contribute to the knowledge base and improve environmental understanding of cause and effect relationships related to specific developments (e.g. petroleum, pulp and paper, and mining).

YOLO Environmental Inc offers these services:

  • Design of the EEM program
  • Collection of field monitoring data
  • Preparation of baseline and interpretive reports
  • Conduct ongoing effluent characterization
  • Provide general EEM guidance
  • Freshwater and marine environment data collection
  • Statistically sound aquatic baseline programs
  • Long term effects monitoring programs
  • Specific effects monitoring programs
  • Knowledge transfer and training of local personnel
  • Interpretation and integration aquatic data
  • Statistical analysis and effects interpretation
  • Water quality and sediment quality analysis
  • Benthic invertebrate surveys
  • Fish and fish tissue collections
  • Toxicity testing
  • Interpretation and reporting of field and laboratory QA/QC results
  • Professional and timely presentation of reports / public discussions

Emergency Response Planning

YOLO Environmental Inc. has developed project specific plans and procedures in response to the potential for unplanned events such as emergency situations and for preventing and mitigating the possibility of illness, injury or negative environmental impact(s) that may be associated with them.

The Emergency Response Plan (ERP) takes into consideration external emergency services; communication with statutory bodies, neighbors and the public; protection of vital records and equipment; and availability of necessary information during an emergency including but not limited to facility layout drawings, hazardous material information, procedures, work instructions and emergency contact telephone numbers. The ERP also contains the details regarding activating, maintaining and conducting periodic drills to ensure the effectiveness of the ERP, including appropriate regulatory notification.

YOLO Environmental Inc. offers these services:

  • Oil spill contingency planning
  • Oil spill cleanup assessment
  • Shoreline cleanup assessment
  • Hazardous materials contingency planning
  • Spill trajectory modelling
  • Coastal sensitivity mapping
  • Compliance with government regulations and legislation
  • Development and application of safe work practices
  • Development and implementation of emergency response procedures and contingency planning
Sector Experience:

Mining, Petroleum Industry (upstream and downstream), Shipping

Stormwater Management Planning

The ultimate goal of stormwater management is to maintain the health of streams, lakes and aquatic life as well as provide opportunities for human uses of water by mitigating the effects of urban development. To achieve this goal stormwater management strives to maintain the natural hydrologic cycle, prevent an increased risk of flooding, prevent undesirable stream erosion, and protect water quality.

YOLO Environmental can provide the following services:

  • Preparation of stormwater master plans
  • Preparation of site management plans
  • Development of stormwater management systems
  • Policy development
  • Design of best management practices for lot level controls, conveyance, storage and treatment.
  • New developments and retrofitting
  • Nutrient loading determination
  • Water balancing
  • Wetland delineation
  • Limnological and marine surveys
  • Environmental inspection and monitoring
Sector Experience:

Urban Developers, Golf Courses, Transportation, and Construction.

Coastal Sensitivity Mapping

Mapping of sensitive coastal habitats and resources relative to actual or potential oil spill events is undertaken for government and industry clients seeking biophysical resource computer databases for spill planning and preparedness exercises.

These projects entail retrieval of data on coastal geomorphology, bathymetry, marine sediment chemistry and physical features, fisheries resources, recreational areas, marine habitats, point sources of pollution, marine infrastructure, aquaculture, navigation, compilation of resource data, water quality, and other parameters.

Sector Experience:

Petroleum Industry, Military, and Government

Aquatic Habitat Management

Habitat analysis is not only a useful descriptor of environmental health, but in terms of legal protection for threatened and endangered species, habitat analysis is a regulatory requirement. Habitat analysis defines the set of physical and biological conditions that exist in a specified location and the environmental factors required by an animal or plant population to survive and/or reproduce. Models, field data collection and observation, and remote sensing information are commonly employed to determine habitat conditions.

YOLO Environmental Inc. offers these services:

  • Characterisation of habitat
  • Development of mitigation measures
  • Habitat compensation plans
  • Watercourse restoration
  • Inspection of wetland and aquatic habitat alterations
  • Provide direction in erosion and sediment control measures
  • Environmental inspection and monitoring
  • Resource inventories
  • Water quality studies
  • Benthic invertebrate surveys
  • Sediment quality studies
  • Conduct studies of fish habitat and fish population censusing
  • Development, administration and enforcement of regulatory requirements
Sector Experience:

Oil and Gas Production and Transmission, Government, Hydroelectric Generation, Mining, Transportation, Port Authorities, Golf Courses, Government, and Urban Development

Environmental Protection Planning

The EPP is the document prepared by a proponent to describe how a project which raises significant environmental concerns or could otherwise trigger one or more of the criteria in the environmental legislation will be undertaken. It describes the project and project area, identifies conflicts and describes environmental protection measures the proponent will take to avoid or minimize those conflicts.

The EPP has two main objectives:

  • documentation of project planning: environmental protection should be an important project goal. Environmental planning can make projects with significant environmental concerns more sustainable while also meeting a developer's other needs
  • regulatory: the EPP is the mechanism used to determine if the project meets any of the criteria defining a "development" in the Act, thereby triggering an EIA

The Environmental Protection Program is recognized as a key enabling business process, one of a number of company-wide Compliance Programs, and is the company's system for developing, implementing and continually improving environmental management.

The EPP becomes the developer's opportunity to show that they have planned the best project, all things considered, and to demonstrate both an awareness of the concerns and how the project has been designed to avoid, minimize or otherwise mitigate them. Planning of the sort that goes into an EPP can most effectively resolve concerns associated with relatively small or local projects, rather than impacts of large-scale projects and those with regional or significant cumulative impacts.

YOLO Environmental offers these services:

  • EPP document preparation
  • Training
  • Integrated spatial planning
  • Constraint mapping
  • Route selection
  • Erosion and sediment control measures
  • Environmental effects monitoring,
  • Compliance monitoring

Keywords: Consulting Experience, Environmental Impact Assessment, Stormwater Management, Urban Development

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