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By: What's My Type  09-12-2011
Keywords: Personality Type Inventory

As we enter the new millennium, the number of student enrolments is increasing while the number of college seats is decreasing.

Many individuals are experiencing the pressures of having to be retrained or develop new occupational skills to compete in the workplace. Limiting the number of students being accepted in these programs means selecting students with the highest academic potential.

Unfortunately, not all students selected will complete their chosen programs. There are many reasons for students dropping out, but the most preventable one is failing to match the student with the correct workplace learning goals.

Students often have idealistic views and expectations of their chosen professions. They may be familiar with core job expectations, and hope to succeed through applying themselves to their studies. Nevertheless, some students will realize that the program they chose "wasn’t for them after all" and change to a different program. The end result? A high frustration level for the student and lost outcome for the college.

The challenge facing many students wanting to complete or upgrade their post-secondary education is: "Will my behavioural profile match the key behaviours that my employer will measure?"

The Personality Type Inventory can be an integral part of the solution.

It’s a personality assessment that prepares students to enter the global market place knowing their strengths and being able to manage and over-come their weaknesses. Often, what students need most is accurate behavioural feedback that is both timely and written in a style that they can readily accept and understand. Students wanting to continue their education will benefit from this tool because it accurately describes how they respond to certain situations and conditions, as well as, allowing them to gain valuable insights to their own behavioural traits, motivational needs, and stress levels before they embark upon a continuing education program.

In today’s business world, employers hire on ability, but they fire on personality. The Role Expectation Profiles within the PTI seek to capture behaviour profiles from actual employment situations that can be used to match students one-to-one with prospective employer requirements.

The Role Expectation Survey identifies the key behaviours that match the culture within an organization and gives a complete matching report that enables students to pre-test their personalities as well as their skills with future job prospects.

Instructors will also benefit from using the PTI to recognize students’ learning styles, communication patterns and motivational needs, in order to create ideal learning environments for their students. This helps students to focus on their learning objectives and improve their quality of learning.

What's My Type? is committed to building and improving the partnerships between students, teachers and employers through The Personality Type Inventory.

Keywords: Personality Type Inventory

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