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By: Soles In Motion  09-12-2011
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Customized Fitting process:
Our staff team is trained to provide custom fittings to determine the proper athletic or orthopedic footwear.  We are dedicated to individually analyzing your bio mechanics, determining your needs and objectives, and then custom fitting you in the appropriate footwear.
The right footwear can decrease the chance of injuries, increase mobility and decrease discomfort and pain throughout the body.  

There is no need to book an appointment! 

Some tips that can help with your fitting:

  • Please bring your old shoes & the socks you usually wear.
  • Please wear something that allows you to move easily and that can be rolled to your calves (pants, capris, shorts or a loose, above-the-ankle skirt all work).
  • Make sure you have some time, at least a ½ hour.

Our Orthopedic Bracing Technician, Geoff Doak, is focused on maintaining and improving patient mobility while aiding in pain management, injury rehabilitation and osteoarthritis management through the use of bracing products. 

Our technician is a fitting specialist for custom and off-the-shelf bracing targeting shoulder, back, wrist, knee, ankle and foot injuries. 

Brace Fittings:

  • Some of our off-the-shelf braces can be fitted by any of our staff.  It is best to call or drop in inquire about your brace.  If it is one our staff can fit you can drop in at anytime to be sized and fitted for the brace.
  • All custom and some off-the-shelf braces need to be fitted by our bracing tech.  You can call or drop-in to book an appointment.  Each appointment usually takes ½ hour – 1 hour in length. 
  • If you brace has been prescribed by a physician please bring your prescription with you.
  • Please inquire with your insurance company to see if you brace is covered by your plan before coming for a fitting. 
  • Find out in detail what information your insurance company needs to process your claim. 

Our Pedorthist, Robert Chisholm, is focused on maintaining and improving foot health and general mobility of our patients. 
Robert is a Canadian Certified Pedorthist so he is trained to assess, design, manufacture, fit and modify custom-made orthotics. 
During a Pedorthic appointment, a gait and lower limb assessment is done to determine treatment.  If orthotics are necessary, then casts of both feet are made and used to construct the custom orthotics.

* $345.00- Includes one hour assessment; plaster casting, adjustments and Follow-up. Second pairs discounted, please ask for details
* $30.00- Gait Assessment for Orthopedic Shoes
* $25.00- Rush Order. (Custom Orthotic turn around time- two Business days.)
Recovering or adjustments after initial fitting process will have a lab fee.

Custom foot Orthotics...Well we all likely know what these are!  Orthotics have caught up so to speak, to other physical therapy modality in the past ten years or so, caught up perhaps an understatement.  There was a time when sore/achy feet and or lower limb was simply chalked up to the human condition, to working hard, to life on feet.  Today orthotics are available everywhere by everyone, from booths at home shows, from mass marketed companies online/on T.V., from health care persons who specialize in one thing, offering orthotics to captive audience/client base on the side.

Today we better understand that foot and lower limb disfunction/pain can have mechanical basis, secondary to how all of our parts line up, pain from over use, pain from life on feet.  Managing foot and lower limb pain is important, less pain means less wear and tear and greater capacity for movement for exercise for keeping our bodies strong, our heads clear! 

Not all “Custom” orthotics are truly custom, not all orthotics are created equal. 

The intention of the provider is fundamental.  Is the intention to provide the most cost effective products requiring the least amount of time with the client.  Orthotics that are not truly custom, orthotics that are poorly assessed for, not taking into consideration the rest person attached to the feet, their unique circumstance and history, does a significant disservice to the client and does often permanently compromise trust in the profession as a whole. 

The intention of the Pedorthic service at Soles in Motion/Medicine in Motion is to provide the most “hands on” person focused management style that we possibly can.  The Pedorthic service within Soles in Motion/Medicine in Motion is part of a larger community of health care providers, including extremely competent Physiotherapy and Massage team, Sports Medicine,  Family Physicians and others,  allowing for very holistic opportunity for the client and a very exciting and challenging environment for the care giver!

Specifically with respect to Custom Orthotics, we are trying to provide a truly custom appliance.  The process begins with a no- fee consult where we meet for a needs assessment. If we collectively decide that custom orthotics is not clinically indicated and/or other management including at home self management be tried first, the client is not billed.  If custom orthotics is indicated the process begins again with more in depth assessment and the taking of non-weight bearing slipper casts of both feet.   These casts are then sent to a local lab where the building of a true custom orthotic begins, we believe this local lab is providing the most technically sophisticated hand-on process available in Atlantic Canada.  We are all collectively invested in this process and promise to stick with the client to ensure success.  We never bill for follow up, there is no time limit on this follow up.If something is missed that simple adjustments cannot remedy, new orthotics can be made with no extra fee to the client.

We have only introduced the Pedorthic service here, we welcome you to contact us with questions or concerns.

Our Pedorthic Service provides the following services to patients.  

  • True Custom-made prescription foot orthoses
  • Orthopedic shoe modifications
  • Footwear advise and professional fittings
  • Custom Orthopedic footwear  
  • Patient Education
  • Referral to in house health care team
  • No-fee needs assessment, no fee follow up

Some of these services require referral from a Physician.

Pedorthist - Rob Chisholm BSc., MTS., C.Ped.C., C.Ped.Tech. C
Canadian Certified Pedorthist

Appointment Information:
Please arrive 15 minutes prior to an appointment to fill out the required paperwork.
Plan for your appointment (full assessment) to take at least 1 hour.
Expect a wait of 2 to 3 weeks from time of appointment for orthotics to be created
Please bring the following:

  • Footwear they hope to use with orthotics
  • Shorts
  • Insurance information
  • Doctor’s referral

It is your responsibility to contact your insurance company to confirm coverage and necessary supporting documentation needed to submit claim before your appointment.
Customers are responsible for a minimum 50% payment at time of initial appointment

Once Orthotics are Ready:
You will receive a phone call to book a pick-up appointment.
Pick-up appointment: 15 minutes
Pick-up appointment with footwear fitting: 45 minutes

Orthotics are NOT covered by MSI.
Patients can pay in full OR half at initial visit and half at pick-up.
Orthotics MUST be paid-in-full before patient can receive orthotics.
The insurance companies Soles in Motion direct bills is Blue Cross, we also direct bill with Great West Life
if their insurance allows it.
The majority of insurance companies require a paid-in-full receipt for reimbursement.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

Keywords: Footwear, Orthotics, pedorthics