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By: Scotia Tire Svc  09-12-2011
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All vehicles are made up with both front and rear suspension components, which is made up with springs and shocks, shock absorbers primarily, the combination of these parts and types of parts on your vehicle is weighed on the weight of your vehicle to ensure a comfort ride, some of the key factors that is taken into consideration is your vehicle weight, height, intended use, acceleration and braking, to make a stable ride.

There are many types of springs the main four types are:
- Leaf
- Coil
- Air
- Torsion bars

As you are in motion, the springs act as a cushion and act cordially to the road condition, shocks, struts and sway bars are other key components on some cars, when u require your suspension to be checked we will thoroughly check all aspects of your suspension such as tie rods-inner and outer, idler arms, pitman arms, rack o pinion unit.

Shock absorbers, struts for leakage or wear, as well as shocks for leakage or wear, shock absorbers and many more components which may be applicable to your car, not all vehicles have all these, depending on your ride, but we will make sure it’s a smooth one

Keywords: Shock Absorbers, vehicle

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Scotia Tire Limited - shocks struts

When you pass over a bump in the road and your car or truck continues to bounce, that oscillation, or up-and-down motion, is most likely due to faulty shock absorbers. The name "shock absorber" is self-explanatory: Car and truck shocks absorb the up-and-down shock created by the springs when you hit a bump. The primary purpose of car shock absorbers is to keep your tires firmly on the road so you can control your vehicle.


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Whether you've got all-wheel disc brakes, anti-lock brakes (also known as ABS brakes), or an older drum brake configuration, keeping your braking system in tip-top shape is very essential. The hydraulic brake parts include the brake master cylinder, brake calipers, and brake wheel cylinders, along with brake lines and brake fluid.


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Some key factors that should be considered when replacing your battery is the size and dimension of your current battery, cranking amps required for your vehicle and also the warranty. Electrical power is used by the cars ignition system for cranking the engine.