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By: Power Plant Supply  09-12-2011
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Magnadrive introduction

MagnaDrive has developed both an Adjustable Speed Drive and a shaft coupling that employ powerful rare-earth permanent magnets to transmit torque across an air gap with no physical connection between the motor and driven equipment.

Energy Savings with MagnaDrive Couplings

Download a MagnaDrive ASD variable speed drive brochure see

The ASD is designed for variable-speed applications such as pumps, fans and blowers. The magnetic coupling is intended for constant speed applications.

MagnaDrive Couplings provides several advantages over conventional fluid couplings including low cost, easy installation, efficient torque transfer without vibration, overload torque protection, cushioned start and stop, misalignment tolerance and low maintenance.

A unique benefit of the MagnaDrive coupling is its performance in torque overload situations such as material jams or excess weight.

The coupling automatically disengages,

shutting down the system and preventing damage or destruction of the motor and driven equipment. When the jam is cleared, the coupling

automatically resets to resume operation.

The MagnaDrive ASD is a variable speed drive that has all the benefits of the revolutionary "disconnected technology."

There is no physical connection between the motor shaft and the load shaft.

It transmits torque from the motor to the load across an air gap. An actuator is used to vary the air gap which allows for the appropriate amount of slip.

Lower costs: Longer life: No Fluids: Cushioned start.

With no physical contact between the motor shaft and the load shaft, MagnaDrive magnetic couplings will handle vibration in a way that fluid drive couplings, flexible shaft couplings, gear couplings, and hydraulic couplings cannot: reducing system vibration and wear (i.e. on seals, bearings, etc.).

MagnaDrive Couplings: Are Simple Mechanical Non-Electronic compact Devices: Low System Maintenance: Easy to install: Misalignment is easily accommodated.

Provides up to 70% Energy Savings. MagnaDrive operations are not affected by “dirty power” feeds sometimes experienced at remote sites. MagnaDrive does not use oil or other Hazardous Materials to operate. Power Inrush is greatly reduced.

Staff technicians will perform virtually all maintenance.

Looking for speed control? See:

MagnaDrive ASD Models: ASDs may be installed using existing motors; inverter ready motors are not required. Reduce your total cost of ownership by lowering maintenance and operating costs, increasing process availability, and improving system reliability.

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Keywords: Couplings