Concrete repair & restoration

By: Perma-dry  09-12-2011
Keywords: Concrete Repair, Crack Injection, floor coating

Repair, restore and renew old concrete

PERMA-DRY can give new life to old, damaged concrete walls, walkways, parking garages, driveways and floor slabs. Its range of concrete repair products and systems can seal and waterproof cracks, fill, patch and level concrete, and protect concrete from moisture penetration, erosion and water damage. They can even repair exterior stairwells.

Our concrete repair and restoration solutions include:

  1. CRACK-WELDTM structural crack injection
  2. PERMA-BRACETM foundation wall reinforcement
  3. PERMA-STITCHTM structural crack reinforcement
  4. PERMA-PINTM foundation stabilization
  5. INDUSTRIAL FLOORINGTM epoxy floor coating
  6. RUB-R-KOTETM flexible, waterproof coating
  7. PERMA-PATCHTM cementitious repair mortars
  8. Exterior stairwell repair


CRACK-WELD is available in a variety of viscosities to suit a range of tasks. It is carefully formulated to repair structural concrete cracks, resist concrete movement, and to anchor new concrete to existing concrete.


PERMA-BRACE is  an efficient and cost-effective way of stabilizing bowing foundation walls and preventing further movement. It can be used to stabilize horizontal or diagonal foundation wall cracks in poured concrete walls, cracked and bowed concrete block foundations, and threatened wall collapse in rock and stone foundations.


PERMA-STITCH is an effective and efficient method of permanently stabilizing structural concrete walls. It restores the structural integrity of the foundation by 'stitching' the cracked and broken concrete together again. It can also be used to help correct deflected foundation walls.


Foundation settlement can be the result of poor soil-bearing capacities, inadequate compaction of sub-soils, and sometimes expansive soils. PERMA-PIN is a unique method of arresting and correcting foundation settlement. We install piers beneath your foundation that help to transfer the weight of your home to suitable soil or rock.


PERMA-DRY INDUSTRIAL FLOORING is a durable, abrasion-resistant, two-component epoxy resin flooring system that is designed for commercial and industrial applications. INDUSTRIAL FLOORING can be applied as a clear or pigmented coating.  When used in conjunction with colour quartz aggregate, INDUSTRIAL FLOORING produces an extremely durable, hard-wearing, slip-resistant, seamless flooring that is popularly used in food preparation areas, showers, laundry rooms  and other areas where a durable, seamless, slip-resistant floor is required.


RUB-R-KOTE is designed to waterproof and protect concrete, wood and other substrates from the elements, impact damage, chemicals, and electrical charges. With its highly concentrated urethane base,  RUB-R-KOTE also provides an attractive, seamless, waterproof, elastomeric membrane that can be pigmented in a variety of colours. RUB-R-KOTE is ideally suited for waterproofing concrete podiums, mezzanines, parking garages, balconies, decks or any substrate that’s needs waterproofing and beautification.


This is an all-purpose, high strength, polymer modified repair mortar that is designed to repair spalled and de-laminated concrete in horizontal, vertical and overhead applications. It can also be used to resurface pitted and deteriorated concrete surfaces.


This is high strength, polymer-modified repair mortar is designed to repair spalled and de-laminated concrete in vertical and overhead applications.


This polymer repair mortar is designed to re-surface and level uneven floors.


PERMA-PATCH M/C is a rapid-setting, high strength concrete repair mortar that sets in 15 to 20 minutes and will take light pneumatic tire traffic within one hour.

Exterior stairwell repair

Keywords: Concrete Repair, Crack Injection, epoxy floor, Epoxy Floor Coating, floor coating, Poured Concrete

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Concrete beautification & resurfacing

Our proprietary concrete recipe for decorative concrete applications contains special admixtures, which significantly increase the density, strength and durability of the concrete and also give it a rich, creamy consistency. PERMA-DECK is a decorative cementitious coating that can resurface and beautify old and unsightly concrete and masonry surfaces, at a fraction of the cost of replacement.


Solutions overview

PERMA-DRY's flexible resins have been carefully designed to withstand the temperature extremes of the North American climate and are guaranteed to provide a leak-proof seal on any crack—without the need to excavate. PERMA-DRY offers solutions to the many problems that can affect basements and concrete, from small cracks to major leaks. Permanent solutions for basement cracks and leaks.


Leaks & waterproofing

When pressure-injected into a crack using THERMO-JET technology, these resins adhere to the concrete surface—even when it is wet—fill all voids and form a custom-fit seal throughout the entire thickness of a wall. RUB-R-KOTE is designed to waterproof and protect concrete, wood and other substrates from the elements, impact damage, chemicals, and electrical charges.