By: Master Merchant Systems Software Canada  09-12-2011
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V-DOCS employs digital signature and contract capture, allowing operators to store agreements and other client-related documents electronically.  Because carriers and retailers gain instant, accurate and guaranteed access to all customer contracts, V-DOCS eliminates the delays and costs associated with contract retrieval, storage, and transportation.

Through a secure, centralized repository, carriers and distributors are able to retrieve original signed contracts and ancillary documents quickly and effortlessly, bringing rapid resolution to disputes that could otherwise result in lost revenue.

V-DOCS can manage all aspects of electronic contracts including maintenance and generation, presentation, electronic signature capture, customer delivery, secure storage, and retrieval using trusted digital signature technology.

The V-DOCS Advantage

  • Significantly reduces costs by eliminating contract printing, storage, shipping and retrieval expenses
  • Improves customer service by dramatically  cutting retrieval request time
  • Reduces processing time, administrative overhead cost of contract acquisition
  • Verifies document integrity and authenticity of digital certificate
  • Strengthens integrity and enforceability of contracts
  • Decreases repudiation and disputes, while providing significantly higher levels of service due to increased contract availability
  • Increases ability to control access to information and disclosure of contract details
  • Facilitates Carrier‐to‐Dealer reconciliation
  • Establishes precise time and location of signature
  • Environmentally sustainable business practice
  • Reduces fraud and costs associated with traditional paper process by 60‐80%
  • Enhanced customer experience

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Keywords: Customer Service

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