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By: Exergame Fitness  09-12-2011
Keywords: Fitness

Traq 3D
The Traq 3D is a great Exergaming product that has amazing graphics and great for all ages. The Traq 3D was featured on Oprah® and ESPN®! Dodge, Lunge, Jump and train your body with fitness based results right on the screen.

Traq 3D is the first technology-based experience to truly capitalize on the movement is life concept. The ability to effectively move is essential for successful sports participation and an active, healthy lifestyle. But it is also essential for improved health and safety, and, where desired, truly permanent weight loss.Modern training programs emphasize the development of strength, power and endurance. Yet most sports physicians, therapists, trainers and coaches agree that it is the athlete with better reactions, greater agility and superior quickness who excels in competition and is less likely to be injured.

Keywords: Fitness