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By: Colltech Computers  09-12-2011

Tackle Your IT Challenges Head-On

Today’s businesses have to keep their infrastructure up and running 24/7 .. accommodate variable staffing needs and budgets ..try to find specialized expertise at a moment’s notice .. juggle multiple vendors, technologies and service models .. and sometimes be forced to choose between the quality they need and the value their business requires. Businesses of all sizes face enterprise-class IT challenges. But they often lack the resources they need to meet these challenges —­ and they don’t know where to turn for help.

Turn to Collective

Collective is your trusted partner to help you tackle your IT challenges head-on. Designed for both large and mid-size businesses, our enterprise-class solutions and services enable companies to plan, build, secure, manage and optimize their IT infrastructures.

    The Benefits

    Collective solutions and services are built to tackle the biggest challenges in managing growth and change for today’s companies:


    Collective Solutions

    Your Benefits


    Both large and mid-size companies undergo constant changes in staffing and service requirements.

    Our solutions are designed to fit the variable staffing needs and budgetary goals of companies. At the same time, we’ve worked for many years as close partners with the largest IT vendors in the world. This means we can provide enterprise-class solutions designed to meet your specific requirements.

    You can quickly ramp-up capacity one day, then reduce unnecessary resources the next.

    You also have a practical way to overcome technical learning curves and, when required, easily transfer new skills to inhouse staff.


    IT productivity can be dragged down by labor-intensive technical chores, day-to-day maintenance, and the requirements of managing diverse, rapidly changing IT

    We can take over the tedious chores of infrastructure deployment and/or management, freeing up your staff for other projects and improving productivity. We can also implement new labor-saving technology to boost productivity across the

    You can realize a return on your technology investments, based on greater productivity as well as lower resource costs
    and increased efficiencies.

    Specialized Expertise

    Businesses often can’t locate or acquire the expertise they need. With little time to focus in any one area or acquire product certifications, IT departments often lack the specialized knowledge required. At the same time, they have difficulty finding IT professionals with the high levels of business experience they need. In addition, the expertise provided is not fully transferred to inhouse staff after the consultant or IT worker leaves.

    You can quickly access the specialized expertise you need without having to hire new personnel or train inhouse staff for special projects.

    You can also leverage this expertise through knowledge transfer to your inhouse staff.

    With Collective, you have the IT solutions and services you need — when and how you need them — to help support your growth and fully deliver on the promise of your technology investments.

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