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Our highly skilled physiotherapists treat each client with compassion and dignity. The Atlantic Balance and Dizziness Centre is committed to address each client's needs completely and design a treatment program that is specific to them and their condition.
                                                                    Our services include:

Vestibular Rehabilitation  
Vestibular rehabilitation is a unique branch of physiotherapy that deals with the assessment and treatment of clients with dizziness and balance dysfunction related to disorders of the vestibular (inner ear) system, central nervous system or to general deconditioning.  The treatment helps to enhance the nerve pathways between the inner ear, the eyes, the brain and spinal cord by using specific techniques and exercises that combine eye and head movements and challenges to one's balance.    

Falls Risk Assessment
Falls account for 27% of all injury-related hospital admissions and 79% of seniors injury-related hospitalizations, making this the leading cause of injury-related admissions for seniors.  Along with personal suffering, loss of independence and lower quality of life, the cost of senior's injuries to the health care system is enormous - approximately $1 billion annually.  The highly trained therapists at the Atlantic Balance and Dizziness Centre use reliable and valid testing methods to accurately identify those who are at an increased risk for falls and design a treatment program that can be measured over time to assess improvement.

Neurological Rehabilitation
People who have suffered from neurological conditions such as:   traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and stroke can also have problems with dizziness and balance.  We can design a treatment program that can help increase balance and reduce dizziness, as well as, improve overall strength and conditioning.

Balance Retraining
Balance is controlled through a complex relationship between the inner ear, the eyes, the brain and the spinal cord.  Certain conditions that affect the inner ear or central nervous system can limit your brain’s ability to control balance.  Balance retraining involves an assessment that objectively measures balance and highlights key areas needing improvement and the development of a comprehensive exercise program that helps improve the coordination between your inner ear, your eyes, your brain and spinal cord.

Home Visits
Often people who have problems with dizziness or poor balance can have areas or features of their home that can contribute to their symptoms or put them at further risk for falls.  An assessment of room lighting, furniture layout or the need for assistive devices in the bathroom or on the stairs can help reduce the potential for falls within the home.  An appointment can be arranged to have your home assessed for function and safety.     

Physiotherapy for Chronic PAIN and FATIGUE
The Atlantic Balance and Dizziness Centre is pleased to offer Physiotherapy services in Nova Scotia designed to address the special needs of those suffering from chronic pain and fatigue.  Treatment typically consists of education about the illness, self-management strategies and coaching, as well as, personalized exercise prescription created for those who flare or fatigue easily.                                                                     Call for an appointment                                           Atlantic Balance and Dizziness Centre
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Keywords: Central Nervous System, Dizziness, nervous system, Physiotherapy

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