IPEX Friatec Electrofusion

By: Ah Mcelroy  09-12-2011

PE Electrofusion Systems for Gas and Water

Friatec is engineered smarter than traditional fusion systems. Friatec couplings feature a unique, exposed coil design that provides a seal stronger than any other electrofusion system on the market.

This is achieved for two reasons:

  • The heat, created by the electrical current passing through the exposed coil of the Friatec coupling, is transferred directly to the PE pipe.
  • The coil protrudes from the interior surface of the coupling.When the pipe is heated, the coil sinks into it creating a much stronger bond.

Unlike competing embedded coil technology fittings which require heating the entire coupling, Friatec's unique "exposed coil" melts the fitting and pipe surfaces directly, sinking into the pipe to form a leak-proof bond.

Friatec Electrofusion fittings are designed with extra wide fusion zones that provide greater contact area, further increasing the integrity of the bond between coupling and pipe. As a result of this process, every joint will be fused precisely to specification, automatically, every time, minimizing the risk of human error.

This unparalleled fusion technology has earned Friatec the highest pressure rating in the industry. What's more, because every joint is as strong as the pipe itself, the Friatec electrofusion system is ideal for directional drilling and other trenchless applications.

With the industry's most advanced barcode monitoring, recording and tracking technology, Friatec makes managing your infrastructure easier than ever before.Imagine, no more hidden costs or surprises on future dig ups. Instead, you will know when, where and how every coupling in your system was installed, and by whom. All these benefits add up to deliver substantial time and cost savings on every project

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