Internal Bead Trimmer II LD External Bead Trimmer

By: Ah Mcelroy  09-12-2011

The Bead Trimmer 2 is a custom designed tool to remove the internal weld bead from fusion joined pipes. Internal bead removal is fast becoming an important step in the pipe fusion process.

Why Remove the Internal Bead?

One of many great attributes of HDPE pipe is its low friction factor. HDPE pipe is less impaired by flow reduction or pressure loss from the fusion beads than the turbulence in a comparable system made of PVC push joints. Using a material that has less flow reduction and pressure loss doesn't mean that there isn't impairment. It is this impairment that we are completely removing. Removing the internal bead can remedy the following problems:

  • The internal bead can cause problems when pigging for blockage and biofilm or when HDPE is used as a casing for telecommunication conduits.
  • Sediment can build against a bead during a slow flow rate, this smaller blockage is a place where as large debris become embedded and cause more severe blockage.
  • In the potable water industry biofilm can stage a footing from under the fusion bead where bacteria or other particle entrapment is of concern.
  • With increased flow the bead creates a turbulence that generates wear when slurries of abrasive materials flow through the system. Even though the bead will finally wear away and turbulence decreases, the final effect is a thinner wall cross-section in that location.

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