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History and Techniques of the Guitar

Spend your time listening to music, watching videos and learning techniques of some the world's great guitarists: Eric Clapton, Andres Segovia, Stevie Ray Vaughan and others.

We'll examine guitar styles from classical to flamenco, celtic to jazz. Lectures will feature audio and visual presentations as well as practical instruction.

You do not need to be a master of the guitar or a music student to attend this course. You will, however, need a guitar.

Music 2007 Course Content

General - How the guitar is constructed; it's care and maintenance; history of the guitar; various musical styles.

Reading Music - How to read guitar music on the staff as well as guitar tablature.

Scales - What scales are; how scales are formed; how to use scales when improvising; what scales to use in various situations.

- First position chords, bar chords, extended chords, how chords are constructed, rhythm and strumming techniques.

Guitar Styles
- Through audio-visual examples, students will be exposed to many  guitar styles including blues, classical, rock, jazz, celtic, new age and flamenco. Students will learn the rudiments of these various styles.

What You Will Need

All students in the class will need to have a guitar. Any type of guitar will do, although an acoustic is preferable for playing with other students in class. If an electric guitar is the only type available to the student, it is fine to use light amplification. The costs for this course for text-books, concerts, etc. is approximately $100.


There are no pre-requisites, so any level of proficiency, including beginner level, is sufficient.

How You Are Graded

There will be two tests neither of which will grade your guitar playing ability. Rather you will be marked on your understanding of the course materials. For example, you may be required to write out the fingering for a chord, but you will not be required to play it.

Who Can Enroll

Any university student who has an interest in the guitar, who wants to learn how to play or to improve their ability, who wants to increase their understanding of the guitar (chords, strumming, improvising, etc.) or who enjoys music and wants to attend a class that is interesting and great fun at the same time.

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Keywords: Electric Guitar, guitar

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