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Buying: Have you subscribed to several aviation classified publications, spent
all your time reading them trying to find the aircraft of your dreams, spent time
calling people who have already sold their plane or increased the price at the
last minute, spent time traveling to view an airplane that was sold the day
before, place an offer on an aircraft to later find out you can't find a source for
financing?If you've answered yes, then you need our services. We will find the exact
aircraft you are looking for in a timely manner, with our database of 25,000+
aircraft, subscriptions to all major aviation classified publications, and our
knowledge of the market and industry. We handle all the necessary paperwork
for you, securing the aircraft of your dreams. We also provide you with the
absolute best financing options with our access to 50+ lenders, to complete
the deal. Selling: Would you like to take the time to advertise your aircraft in all the major
classified publications, answer the phone all hours of the day or night for
interested "Tire Kickers", travel to the airport every second weekend to show
your aircraft , only to have the prospect say "I'll think about it"?Here at Harris Aero, we take care of the complete selling process for you. We
handle the advertising in the major classified publications. We network with
other brokers, because they may have a buyer interested in you aircraft.  We
answer the phone, emails, and correspond with the prospects. When a
Qualified Buyer is found and a deposit has been paid, only then will we show
your aircraft. We even take care of the financing for qualified buyers, and with
our access to over 50 lenders, we can close more financing deals, which will
enable us to sell you aircraft faster. Aircraft Leasing : If you are interested in purchasing an aircraft to lease to
another company to generate extra revenue for you or your company, we can
find the right aircraft and a qualified company to lease it to, and provide you
with a solid lease agreement.Whether you are buying or selling, we get results, saving you a lot of time and
a lot of money!

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Keywords: Aircraft, financing