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By: Atlantic Equine Massage  09-12-2011
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Sports Massage

Field massage: If an equine athlete develops problems during an event — including spasms, fatigue and cramps — massage can be performed immediately. It can also be performed as emergency first-aid.

Post-Event Massage: Decreases the recovery time after an event or heavy workout and reduces the likelihood of muscle spasms and stiffness.

Pre-Event Massage: Helps horses warm-up by increasing circulation and directly stimulating muscles, thereby improving muscle endurance and flexibility while lessening the likelihood of injury

Training Massage: Useful in preventing injury, and enhancing the recovery process after your horse is injured. When used regularly, it helps muscles and joints remain strong.

Specialized Therapies

Advanced training and education can make equine rehabilitation a far less stressful experience and improve outcomes.

Among the specialized services I can provide are:

Diagnostic massage: Used to assess and remove tension and thickenings
Ice massage: Decreases swelling, pain, and muscle spasms
Nerve manipulations: acts directly on nerves to either stimulate or sedate; Can help ease pain and promote healing in horses
Origin & insertion: releases muscle tension and decreases muscle spasms by working their attachments, including nearby muscles and tendons
Swelling Technique: Decreases swelling and pain in an inflamed area


Stretching takes a muscle or a group of muscles from resting length to the outer range of pain-free motion. A stretch is then held in position to allow muscle fibers to adjust to this new length, and that releases tension, prevents chronic muscle shortening and scar-tissue adhesion, and promotes proper muscle alignment.

Rates: Massage, hydrotherapy, stretches $75 per session
Initial assessment: $30
Pre- and post-event massage: $45
Mileage: $0.15 per km

Contact: Jessica McLoughlin, REMT
PO Box 8 • Chester Basin, NS • B0J 1K0
Home: (902) 624-0862 • Cell: (902) 275-7972
([email protected])

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Keywords: Massage