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By: Lloyd Williams  09-12-2011

Why are New Year’s Resolutions stated on January 1st and not accomplished by December 31st? There is one simple reason. The goal was established, but there was no next action. Any project, desired outcome, or goal must have a next physical action to make it a reality. You know what you and those around you […]

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Great businesses realize their future is innovation and remaining a leader is dependent upon exceeding expectation. Apple is a world leader in innovation, starting with the Macintosh, iPod, iTunes, iPhone, and now the iPad. The company manages and exceeds client expectations.


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In 1989, Wendell Berry delivered a Commencement Address at the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine that included not Ten Commandments but ten hopes. Understand that there can be no successful human economy apart from Nature or in defiance of Nature. Understand that no amount of education can. Beware the justice of Nature.


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The press continues to encourage investors to watch what the institutional and hedge fund managers are doing as an indicator for what they should do. This is foolish advice, because institutional managers, during the extremes of the market, are never doing what they personally want to.


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GDP that stems from new debt — mainly deficit spending — is phony: it is debt-financed consumption. Colin Barr wrote an interesting article for Fortune last week, titled Lost decade.


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All research, notes, outlines, sketches, drafts, ideas, photos, and writing tools like dictionary and thesaurus are now open on my desktop. I have used Scrivener since its original beta for all my writing, because it is not a word processor, but a complete writing environment. All the tools I need are at my fingertips.