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By: Bedford Eye Care Centre  09-12-2011
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Bedford Eye Care Centre takes pride in providing a very thorough eye examination with the very latest in instrumentation. Our comprehensive eye examination includes testing for glaucoma and numerous other eye diseases.

Our office uses some of the most advanced diagnostic tools available, including:


Our office is pleased and excited to be offering the very latest technology in frame and lens fitting, the Visioffice!

The Visioffice measures every conceivable range of parameters to fit today's sophisticated digital lenses. Measurements are taken with unparalleled accuracy, including the ability of the instrument to detect your natural head posture. This allows you to enjoy your eyewear knowing that you are utilizing your lenses to their fullest, without having to put your head into an unnatural position to achieve clearest vision.

Using the Vision Print system, the Visioffice determines whether you are primarily a head or an eye mover when using progressive lenses. This allows us to design custom-made lenses that match your normal eye and head movement patterns. Vision is clearer and more comfortable through these lenses. The Visioffice can also help demonstrate the difference in visual experience between different makes of lenses.

Visual Fields

Optomap Retinal Scanner

Retinal Photography


The GDx VCC diagnostic instrument

This revolutionary new instrument takes much of the guesswork out of glaucoma detection, allowing us to find the disease up to 5 years earlier. Early treatment in glaucoma is critical in preventing vision loss.

Glaucoma Overview

Glaucoma is a disease that usually has no initial visual symptoms or pain. Patients must have regular assessments to detect glaucoma at its earliest stage.

Glaucoma is the leading cause of preventable blindness in Canada. While the cause of this disease is not fully known, it is a disease that can generally be successfully managed through early diagnosis and optimal treatment or therapy.

Understanding the Disease

  • Approximately three hundred thousand Canadians have glaucoma, but almost half are unaware that they have this disease. Currently, 80,000 Canadians are legally blind from glaucoma.
  • Glaucoma causes gradual loss of the nerve fiber layer in the eye.
  • Open-angle glaucoma, the most common form of this disease, does not present any symptoms prior to loss of vision. As the disease progresses, patients will begin to gradually lose their peripheral vision and may eventually go blind.
  • People who are at a higher risk for glaucoma include:
  • Individuals with a family history of glaucoma
  • Individuals over the age of 50
  • African-Canadians over the age of 35
  • Individuals with diabetes
  • Individuals who are nearsighted
  • Individuals with previous eye surgery or injury
  • Individuals with vascular conditions such as high or low blood pressure, Raynaud's phenomenon, and migraine sufferers

There is no cure for glaucoma. The disease can be treated with drugs, such as prescription eye drops, to prevent further loss of vision, but any vision lost to glaucoma cannot be recovered.
Why GDx VCC testing?

While the three most common tests for glaucoma (the pressure check or puff test, visual field analysis, and optic nerve evaluation) remain of critical importance for glaucoma detection, they may not provide enough data on their own to allow your doctor to identify glaucoma early enough for timely therapy.

The pressure check is unable to detect glaucoma in many patients: 20-40 percent of glaucoma patients do not have high or abnormal pressure results.
Visual field analysis may not detect glaucoma at an early stage. Forty to fifty percent of nerve fibers may be diminished or damaged before visual field analysis can identify a problem.

The GDx VCC is a glaucoma detection technology that directly and objectively evaluates the nerve fiber layer of the eye. This test is comfortable, does not require drops or pupil dilation and provides results for both eyes within three minutes. (see attached sample results) Careful analysis of these GDxVCC results along with your medical history, visual fields, eye pressures, and physical eye examination will subsequently be undertaken by your doctor to determine disease presence and/or progression.

Preserve Your Sight

Examining the nerve fiber layer - the tissue layer recognized to be the first site of glaucoma damage - can detect signs of the disease earlier than some of the most common tests, thus enabling early treatment. Retinal nerve fiber loss can sometimes be detected more than six years before visual field defects occur.

A Mayo Clinic study concluded in May 1999, demonstrates that early detection of glaucoma allows for timely treatment and maximum sight preservation. The study shows that patients who already have substantial eye damage from glaucoma due to delayed diagnosis, face a 54 percent chance of becoming legally blind in one eye, despite treatment. The study further confirms that the risk of sight loss in people diagnosed in the early stages of glaucoma and treated before significant damage occurs, is only 14 percent over 20 years.

Additional Testing

In addition to GDx VCC testing, your doctor may also require other tests to assist in diagnosis/management.

These include:

  • Visual fields (to detect functional vision loss)
  • Optic nerve photos (to detect visible changes in the optic nerve due to atrophy)
  • Corneal thickness measurement (patients with thinner corneas are more prone to glaucoma)


Measurement of corneal thickness is one of the tests required to determine if glaucoma is present.

Corneal Topography

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