Property Tax Services — AEC International

By: Aec Intl  09-12-2011
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Property Tax Services — AEC International

iTAM Link (Internet Tax and Assessment Management)

Fair and equitable assessment and tax management depends entirely on having the most accurate data available at any given moment. AEC utilizes the Internet Tax and Assessment Management system (iTAM Link), developed, exclusively for AEC International, with our strategic partner, Rethink Solutions Inc.

Property tax, as complex and dynamic a process as it is, is infinitely more so when dealing with regularly changing laws, regulations and procedures. As your partner in this process, we offer expert knowledge of legislation changes and how they impact the taxation of your property, regardless of type. We can analyze property data, research tax legislature and negotiate with governmental bodies, many of whom we’ve helped establish taxation guidelines, in an effort to minimize your property tax burden.

Our knowledge of diverse property types coupled with our esteemed standing with local governing bodies, increases our effectiveness to maximize potential tax recoveries. Mitigating risk through assessment audits and appeals is only part of the process. Reducing tax burden through local incentive programs, like vacancy rebates, or pre-negotiation for future assessments can increase tax relief. Reviewing and auditing current process and personal property taxes, as well as past tax bills can unearth the prospect of a reduced tax burden.

Although ensuring fair and equitable taxation through accurate assessment of your property type is paramount, we strive to impart increased understanding and clarity of new legislation and how it affects compliance procedures. Our highly respected stature with governing bodies and assessors and our extensive knowledge and understanding of the appeals process put us in a superior position to help you maximize your potential tax recoveries.

Our participation in many successful appeals has given us tremendous insight into the appeals process. Our goal is to support you in any way we can. This is demonstrated by our ability to advise lead counsel on appropriate litigation strategy and testify on your behalf, as expert witness.

Keywords: Assessment Management, Property Tax, Tax, Tax Management

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