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By: 4refuel  09-12-2011
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Virtually everything we do reduces your environmental impact. Whether we provide you fuel service direct to tank or equipment, diesel or biodiesel, using 4Refuel helps protect our environment in many ways, from reducing greenhouse gas emissions to lowering environmental risk and reducing impact.

reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Direct to equipment fuelling uses one truck to bring fuel to many and eliminates hundreds of thousands of trips to fuel stations every year. This alone has a measurable impact on greenhouse gas emissions and is further improved with every tank filled with pure or blended biodiesel.

lower environmental impact

Environmental protection is among the chief priorities in 4Refuel operations and throughout the hiring and training of every Certified Refuelling Professional - a designation 4Refuel created and requires of every one of its 250 fuel handlers. These standards make 4Refuel is one of the few companies permitted to handle high-risk fuelling in such places as mining sites, national parks, around harbours and along rivers.

shrink environment risk

In addition to high standards of fuel handling, 4Refuel also equips its fuelling professionals and high-tech tankers with environmental protection materials and equipment. Rigorous training for all hazards including fires and spills ensures that mishaps are minimized, containment is effective and clean up is completed according to the highest federal and provincial requirements.

greenhouse gas calculator

The greenhouse gas calculator summarizes the savings from direct to equipment  fuelling, biodiesel supply and other services. The calculator shows a live total running up to Earth Day, 24 April annually.

earth day champions

Each Earth Day, 4Refuel recognizes clients of direct to equipment and biodiesel service for their reduction of greenhouse gases. Each year, the 20 largest reducers of emissions are recognized with crystal trophies, social media alerts and press releases to national media.

Reducing your fuel costs is nice, but reducing your fuel costs and your environmental impact is even nicer.

Keywords: Biodiesel, Environmental Protection, Fuel, Fuel Costs, Fuel Service, Greenhouse Gas

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