The U - StFX Students' Union - foodbank

By: The U  09-12-2011

If you ever find yourself a little short on cash and need help getting groceries one week the Student Food Resource Centre is the place to go. A completely free and confidential service, we encourage you to come and use it! All students are encouraged to make use of this service, with informative handouts to good eating habits, healthy living, etc. available at the centre.

The Student Food Resource Centre is located in the Muncipal Building, 42 West St., across from New Rez. We're also always looking for student volunteers to run the Food Bank from Monday to Friday.

Other products and services from The U


The U - StFX Students' Union - driveu

The Drive U Service is a free transportation vehicle that drives students home safely from campus to anywhere within 15km of Antigonish. It runs 7 nights a week to ensure that our students are comfortable staying on campus past dark.


The U - StFX Students' Union - xtutoring

So if your an aspiring teacher or expert in a particular subject, this a great way to gain experience and connect with other students. Tutors will help with assignments and help you prepare for tests and exams. Midterms come fast and you definitely want to be prepared. X-Tutoring is all you need.


The U - StFX Students' Union - environmentaloffice

The U is working towards having an environment-friendly campus by implementing various strategies and programs on campus as well as educating fellow Xaverian’s on the importance of this issue. If you want to get even more involved apply to be the Wellness Rep of your House Council and sit on a “Green Committee for the Students’ Union. If you are you a major Green Thumb, the Environment Office is going to put on wicked events that you’ll enjoy.


The U - StFX Students' Union - ochousing

If you live off campus now, and are having issues with your landlord or house and need to talk to someone, our Off Campus Officer knows it all. The U is concerned about the well-being of all students and attempts to ensure that buildings housing students meet a number of requirements.


The U - StFX Students' Union - photostudio

The Darkroom program, facilitated by The U, provides an avenue for students to develop their photos for free and learn all about photography and processing. Complete with a Dark Room and Digital Studio, you can develop pictures the old school way or stylize them on the computer and print them off. If you love to take pictures and want to hone your skills, the Photo Studio is the place for you. 1st Floor, Students' Union Building , Room 104C.


The U - StFX Students' Union - studentadvocates

If you ever find yourself in a little trouble with the Community Code or the Academic Code, you can always approach an advocate for support and advice. They can attend all hearings with you and help you get a just "sentence". Advocates are students who are trained to understand the Community Code. 3rd Floor Students' Union Building.


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Your Students’ Union is committed to providing a positive and welcoming environment that encourages students to excel in and out of the classroom. We hope to provide YOU with the optimal student experience by providing services that will help each student through their unique StFX journeys. Each service is organized and run by a team of qualified sub-executives and a group of dedicated student volunteers.