By: Woodland Farm Nursery  09-12-2011
Keywords: Seeds

Carboys , Fermenters , Grape Concentrates , Sterlizers , Sweeteners, Miscellaneous Additives, Stabilizers and Testing Equipment is also available.
Mag Drive Pumps 80gph - 1200gph
Yellow flex hose & Clamps
Spaghetti Tubing
Drip Emitters
Fittings & Plugs
High Tide Flood Tables
American Agritech's Jetflo
Jet Stream & Areo Jet Systems
Grotek Resevoirs
Ebb & Flow Kits
Hanna PH/EC/TDS and Combo Testers
High Pressure Sodium
Metal Halide Bulbs & Ballasts 400w to 1100w
Harvest Sun, E.L.D.
Flat Parabolic & Kool Light Reflectors
Grotek Mogel Sockets
Lightmax Mylar
GEN-X micro, gro, bloom
Monster Bloom
Kick Start
No Wilt

Anything not in stock can be ordered.
Soils and Composts
Pro Gro Brand Potting Soil (5, 10, 20, 30 L)
Pro Gro Sheep Manure (18 kg)
Pro Gro Cow Manure (18 kg)
Pro Gro Top Soil (30 L)
Pro Gro Black Earth (30 L)
Bark and Mulch
Pro Gro Bark Nuggets (85 L or 3 cfl)
Pro Gro Mini Nuggets (85 L or 3 cfl)
Pro Gro Bark Mulch (55 L or 2 cfl)
Peat Moss
Pro Gro Peat Moss
(1.15, 2.25, 3.8, 4 cfc)
Professional Mixes
Sunshine #4 Mix
Pro Gro #1 Mix (3.8 cfc)
Pro Gro #2 Mix (3.8 cfc)
Pro Gro #3 Mix (3.8 cfc)
Pro Gro #4 Mix (3.8 cfc)
Pro Gro #5 Mix (3.8 cfc)
Pro Gro #6 Mix (3.8 cfc)
Pro Gro #7 or 1-S Mix (3.8 cfc)
Cavendish Fertilizers
6-12-12 fertilizer
17-17-17 fertilizer
10-10-10 fertilizer
21-5-5 fertilizer
Plant Products Co. Ltd.
Water Soluable Fertilizers
Controlled Release FertilizersWe also carry a complete line of all natural fertilizers including Bone Meal, Fish Meal, Compost Aids, Blood Meal, Seaweed Fertilizer, and others. Seeds available from Halifax Seed Co., Ontario Seed Co. and Thompson & Morgan. Work gloves and garden tools are also available for purchase.

Keywords: Seeds