Athol Forestry Cooperative Ltd Commercialthinning

By: Athol Forestry  09-12-2011

This type of thinning occurs when there is some merchantable volume in the stand and the average diameter is 14cm or above. Often there is some merchantable volume removed in the form of pulpwood and stud wood. But since this is a stand tending activity, it is often profit neutral as the focus is on removing only up to 30% of the basal area in low quality, and suppressed trees. This should leave between 16 and 30m2 of basal area when the treatment is finished. The amount of basal area removed depends on how wind firm the stand is and how much initial basal area is there. This can also occur more than once in a rotation in a single stand depending on species and growth rate. The result is a stand of higher quality trees than the original with greater individual growing space resulting in lower competition and a higher growth rate.