By: Novtech  09-12-2011
Keywords: Product Design, Pcb Layout

NovTech engineers specialize in every facet of the design cycle. We can provide specifications, schematics, PCB layout, prototypes, software, either individually or as a part of a product design package.


A well written engineering specification is fundamental to beginning the design cycle. NovTech specifications are detailed and accurate, allowing you to request quotes and better plan your design. NovTech can provide specifications to meet various industry standards, including UL, FDA, CE, and FCC certifications.


NovTech engineers possess expert knowledge of all the industry standard CAD tools, including OrCAD and Altium Designer. We use these tools to generate electrical specifications, block diagrams and schematics required for further stages of the design process. We can also generate schematics and reverse engineer PCB's if original design files are missing.

Digital Logic Design

PCB Layout & Routing

Proper signal routing is key to a quality PCB. NovTech can completely design a PCB from top to bottom using advanced layout techniques and industry wide best practices. We work with standard Gerber files used by most PCB manufacturing houses. We can help you select the right manufacturer to suit your needs, and perform all follow-up procedures to ensure a smooth process. Your resulting PCB will feature a robust design, virtually immune to electrical noise and interference. NovTech has designed PCB's ranging from complex power distribution circuits to compact embedded computer the size of a credit card.


NovTech maintains relationships with some of the best assembly houses in the country to help you to get your prototypes quickly. Our high quality work and tight quality control processes reduce potential assembly mistakes saving time and money. We source and purchase parts, supervise the assembly process, and test and debug each prototype, creating a unique all-inclusive prototyping solution.

Software & Firmware

NovTech supports all hardware designs with the appropriate software and firmware. We use advanced software tools, from Freescale Codewarrior to IAR compilers to Xilinx ISE, for developing your application.

BIOS Porting
  • Phoenix PicoBIOS
  • Datalight BIOS
  • ExpressBIOS
  • General software BIOS
Device Drivers
  • Windows based control systems
  • Database management
  • Automatic test equipment
  • Communications protocols
  • Embedded system interfacs

Keywords: Pcb Layout, Product Design