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By: Novafisc  09-12-2011

Sharing the right informatioN
Many qualifying activities take place outside the traditional R&D department, so innovative companies may be eligible for tax relief in areas they never suspected. At NovaFisc, we look in every nook for ways to maximize your tax credit opportunities. But it takes more than good data, it also takes good partnerships. That is why we establish trust in all of our working relationships, with executives, engineers and finance people alike. We are always on the lookout for that nugget of information that will make all the difference.

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Le programme RS&DE du gouvernement fédéral canadien est un programme public accessible à toute société par action canadienne payant des impôts au Canada. Novafisc.com ne fait aucune représentation de garantie et ne garantie aucune performance quand à l’accessibilité de ses clients au programme RS&DE.