Log Refinishing Methods

By: Northwood  09-12-2011
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Quality Restoration & Refinishing
At Northwood we offer high quality professional restoration and refinishing services.
Our methods set the standard for quality, detail and performance. We have perfected methods, tools and techniques that offer vast improvements over older, cruder forms of finish removal like sand blasting and chemical-wash.

"All of our methods; have been developed for quality and performance, not speed and volume. This gives us a unique edge; to bring out the best in all log homes."

Manual Sanding
It has always been known that actual surface sanding of wood using a progressive grit produces the finest result for finishing. And this is what we do. With great care and attention to detail, homes are taken through several steps of sanding and the results are incomparable to any other form of wood home finishing method. This is the highest quality of restoration & refinishing available. Control
Manual sanding gives us control over "depth of wood removal" this means we can literally remove anything on the wood surface in a precise controlled manner, including the wood itself. This allows us to totally remove finishes that have penetrated deep into the wood, and at the same time controlling surface uniformity.

Unique Detail
Another unique benefit of manual-sanding is enabling us to carve and shape the wood. We can bevel, round and chamfer corners smooth out cats-eye's and other unique features on your logs. Natural curves lumps and bums are all enhanced we can shape or remove knots, chainsaw marks and any imperfections left behind from construction and assembly.

After sanding. The wood surface is left clean smooth and dry, free of all contaminants that might interfere with the application of new stains and finishes this allows finishes to bond to the wood as the manufacture’s designed them to.
This is what all manufactures recommend before .

Keywords: Refinishing, sanding, Wood, Wood Home

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Log Home Chinking

Northwood offers a variety of chinking options for interior and exterior log walls, sealing of small checks and cracks and other uses to improve the performance and look of your home. Cracks & Checks If you choose not to see or feel the cracks and checks, the chinking can be matched in color and trawled in to place with no mess on the log surface.


Finish Application

Its all about a quality finished product.Interior walls are always hand sanded between coats to insure a even uniform smooth coating this allows for extremely good dusting and scrubbing of your log walls. We pay special attention to areas that are prone to weathering like southern walls, log ends, checks & cracks and we always take the extra time applying more finish to these troubled spots.


Log Refinishing Exterior

We have restored homes across Canada and in some of the harshest regions in the Northwest Territories. Northwood knows what it really takes to increase energy efficiency, value and life expectancy. Our Exterior Restoration Services Offer Many Advantages.