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By: Northern Economics  09-12-2011
Keywords: Economics

For more than 25 years, Northern Economics has been Alaska’s trusted economics expert. Increasingly, our clients’ trust has allowed us to perform meaningful, unbiased analyses of projects throughout Alaska, across the Pacific Northwest and around the world. Our clients’ confidence in our services is founded in our 25-year track record and our ability to bring clarity to complex issues through meaningful economic, financial and planning analysis. We have a well-earned reputation for transforming data into wisdom for our clients, enabling them to make better decisions.

Northern Economics’ performance is the direct result of our excellent staff. Our professionals are experts in economics, financial feasibility analysis, business planning, demographics and population studies, resource economics, market research and socioeconomic impact assessment.

Simply put, we know where to look and how to weigh multiple variables to interpret data without bias.

Keywords: Economics

Other products and services from Northern Economics


Northern Economics: Expertise: Resource & Environmental Economics

Through the course of our work, we have refined the ability to use time-tested tools like input-output and cost-benefit analysis while also integrating emerging tools such as benefits transfer-based ecosystem service valuation. Northern Economics’ consultants have the ability to present the complicated trade-offs inherent in resource economics in terms that the public understands.


Northern Economics: Expertise: Business Economics

Business and Operations Plans When concepts show sufficient demand and financial sustainability, we help our clients prepare a sound business plan to secure further financing or commence actual operations. Northern Economics’ staff has expertise in numerous fields and knows where to find industry details that are necessary to build a defensible financial model.


Northern Economics: Expertise: Community & Regional Economics

Using this philosophy, Northern Economics has applied regional economic modeling, land use studies, diversification studies, and funding and fee structure studies to develop comprehensive economic development strategies, and implementation plans that allow communities to grow strong.


Northern Economics: Expertise: Economic Sectors

Whether studying the economics of industry-based roads for resource extraction, the socioeconomic impacts of roads and bridges to link communities and infrastructure, or the benefits and costs of paving gravel roads, we offer expertise and experience with transportation economics to inform decision makers of the relevant issues.