Ochre Rock Panel | Natural Stacked Stone Veneer for Wall Cladding

By: Norstone Usa  09-12-2011

Redefine Rugged with the earthy Ochre Blend

Our Ochre Blend color is the perfect combination of color and versatility. Encompassing a broad range of neutral colors, along with popular accents, Ochre Blend will be either the perfect complement or the center of attention in whatever application it is used. From a classic roaring fireplace in a Vermont ski lodge to the back drop of a Miami sushi bar, Ochre Blend’s versatility makes it our most popular and best selling color.

Ochre Rock Panels are available in: 

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White Rock Panel | Natural Stacked Stone Veneer for Wall Cladding

Pairing particularly well with stainless steel accents, White Quartz is our most exclusive color and is ideal for your exclusive project. White Rock Panels have found a home everywhere from luxury hotels and casinos to discerning private residences. Hip, sleek, and chic is exactly what our White Quartz color delivers for your modern stone application.


Ivory Rock Panel | Natural Stacked Stone Veneer for Wall Cladding

For those that prefer the warm and mellow tones of whites, creams, golds and yellows, Ivory will provide the perfect backdrop for their interior or exterior project. Smooth is the perfect description of our Ivory color. Play it Smooth with the Mellow Ivory Quartz.


Charcoal Rock Panel | Natural Stacked Stone Veneer for Wall Cladding

From broad walls to modern fireplaces, this relatively monochromatic color delivers on clean lines and bold textures, providing the perfect backdrop to vegetation or brightly colored artwork. Our Charcoal color embodies the sleek and sophisticated aspects of modern industrial design.


Rock Panels | Stacked Stone Veneer Wall Cladding for Interior and Exterior Feature Walls

Because they require little skill and time on the part of the contractors fixing our rock panels to a wall, they significantly reduce onsite labor costs, especially when compared to the time and skill involved in cutting and forming mitred corners. Corners are extremely important in any project, which is why Norstone prides itself on its innovation of the only two-part, finger-jointed corner system in the world.