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By: Normandy International  09-12-2011

Normandy International – and its media arm – offers clients around the world a unique consultancy that does more than offer advice or analysis by the hour. We connect the dots from our clients’ idea to the full execution of actually getting it launched, funded, created or designed.

We can act on our own as a self-contained unit to develop a concept and deliver it; or serve as an add-on resource for existing operations which need to:

  • find ways to fund or support new initiatives
  • launch an interactive media effort quickly
  • expand into a foreign market
  • respond quickly to world events
  • produce high-quality live-streamed content as part of a broader campaign

Sometimes the core of the work requires the tenacity and focus of Alexis Denny – who will roll up her sleeves and work all time zones to bring a project to life by tapping into her extensive network of international contacts and expertise.

Other times it takes shape through the efforts of dozens of sub-contractors and colleagues, collaborating in person or online to build a framework from which to launch an entire operation.

The most sensitive and confidential matters – such as managing media strategy for security issues during the DNC or representing a high-profile individual in a media negotiation – are never shared with outside contractors without client approval.

For the period of time that Normandy International is involved with your project, we morph into an extension of your team and get quickly up to speed on both your goals and the existing environment within which you must achieve them.

If we can’t do it, we’ll tell you.

But if we say we can do it – it will happen, even if it has never happened before.