By: Normandin Beaudry  09-12-2011

  • Pension and savings

    With a thorough understanding of pension and savings plan regulatory frameworks, Normandin Beaudry can provide practical and advantageous solutions for your defined benefit and defined contribution pension plans and your savings plans.

  • Asset management consulting

    Normandin Beaudry is fully aware of all pension fund and institutional fund investment issues. Our certified experts work hard to make realistic and innovative suggestions to identify profitable investment strategies while considering clients’ risk tolerance.

  • Group benefits

    In addition to the services normally provided by a group insurance broker, Normandin Beaudry actuaries offer customized financial solutions. To clearly communicate your employee benefits programs and ensure that they are thoroughly understood, we also develop customized and effective communications tools.

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  • Compensation and performance

    Our team of compensation specialists has always approached situations from a targeted results standpoint.

    Whether through very specialized contributions or on-site interventions, our approach is based on original and simple solutions, and promotes an effective response to your strategic and tactical needs.

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  • Communication and
    organizational developement

    Our team of communication specialists provides tailor-made solutions that promote a return on investment. Our strength is improving the effect and perceived value of the strategies and programs adopted by your organization.

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  • Other products and services from Normandin Beaudry


    Gestion d'actifs

    Notre Guide des gestionnaires de placement au Canada ainsi que notre Revue annuelle des gestionnaires témoignent des efforts considérables que nous dédions à la connaissance et au suivi des gestionnaires de placement. Nous utilisons également notre expertise auprès des comités de placement afin de leur permettre d'être à la fine pointe des meilleures pratiques de gouvernance de l'industrie.


    Assurance collective

    Conception, financement, comptabilisation, communication et administration, nos recommandations tiennent compte des contraintes financières, comptables, administratives ou autres et visent à optimiser les valeurs réelles et perçues des programmes. Au-delà des services normalement offerts par un courtier d’assurance collective, les actuaires de Normandin Beaudry vous proposent des solutions financièrement adaptées à votre situation.