The Volunteers' Guide to Fundraising by Ilona Bray

By: Nolo  09-12-2011

If you volunteer for a nonprofit, parent-teacher association, or virtually any other community group, you've probably noticed that not even your hard work can keep the organization completely afloat -- to do that, you need cash. But when your small group is competing for donations with larger organizations who can afford to retain professional fundraisers, this task can seem impossible.

Enter The Volunteer's Guide to Fundraising. This comprehensive guide shows volunteers and nonprofit staffers both the practical and the fun aspects of fundraising. Plus, you'll find unique insights from a team of nonprofit experts, including executive directors, accountants, event planners, lawyers, and group leaders. Get the lowdown on these fundraising methods, and more:

  • sponsorships and donations from businesses
  • selling goods and services
  • member donations
  • special events and auctions
  • dinners and other food events
  • benefit concerts, lectures, and shows

Whether you're raising money for your PTA, helping out your child's sports team or music group, or trying to keep the local library afloat amid budget cutbacks, use The Volunteer's Guide to Fundraising to help you legally raise and handle money without running afoul of IRS rules, prepare grant proposals, and come up with a winning fundraising strategy. Use this book to make the most of your group's resources, no matter what size it is.

ISBN 9781413313321

Pages 300 pp

Forms 18 forms

Press Reviews

" The Volunteers’ Guide to Fundraising is an invaluable resource that covers just about every detail imaginable regarding the nuts and bolts of fundraising. Volunteers will especially appreciate the personal stories and tips from real-life fundraisers. " -Sydney Goldstein, Founding Executive Director of City Arts & Lectures, Inc. San Francisco, CA

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