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By: Noel Wright  09-12-2011
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The overall approach that Noel Wright draws from is referred to as Acupuncture Physical Medicin (APM). APM blends Traditional Chinese Medicine and Japanese acupuncture with western physical assessments by using western physical assessments such as observing your posture, gait (walking), range of movement and feeling for tightness in muscles

APM uses a “hands on” approach relying on touch to make a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnosis


Blending Western and Eastern Assessment tools in my approach, Acupuncture Physical Medicine, I choose the appropriate acupuncture points. Acupuncture “needles’ are really like fine ‘pins’ and are inserted in specific acupoints to help redirect your body’s energy, or Qi (chee) and restore balance and health. Depending on your situation traditional acupoints as well as muscle knots, or trigger points can be needled. Since acupuncture affects the hormones in your body, endorphins or seritonin is released, causing pain reduction and a very calm feeling.


A soothing and anti inflammatory oil, usually Arnica, is applied to the area of your body that we will be addressing. Traditional glass cups are heated and form a vaccum, then placed on acupoints or tight muscles to help increase circulation, Qi flow and relieve tension. I then can ‘slide’ the cups over the constricted muscles and acupoints. This technique is usually used in conjunction during an acupuncture treatment.

Electro acupuncture

Metal clips are placed on the ends of the acupuncture needles and a gentle electric current is passed through. This is similar to a TENS unit that many physiotherapists use. Usually, electro acupuncture is used on stubborn, tight muscles and is very effective in treating arthritis and tendonitis.


Practicing the Usui Method of Reiki, I gently place my hands on or over your body at various energy centres that may be blocked or depleted. the “ki” in Reiki is the same energy as Qi in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). I am available for private Reiki Treatments, and upon request will add Reiki during your acupuncture treatment. These sessions are usually longer.

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Clean Needle Technique protocol is followed, and the acupuncture needles are pre-packaged, sterile and single use.To find out more of what to expect from an acupuncture treatment, contact Noel Wright for a relaxed, confidential, free 15-minute phone consultation 845-6635.