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By: Nnrc  09-12-2011
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Videographers with NNRC have shot thousands and thousands of hours of depositions and related legal video services. Each job we provide for our clients is as important to us as it is to you because we understand the importance of why you hired us to provide legal video services to your case. Physicians or expert can charge upwards of $1,000 per hour for their attendance to provide testimony. When you called upon the best for your case, make sure you have the best legal video services to make sure it is done right. Our videographers follow a standard protocol to guarantee a high-quality finished product.

Delivery Time
Our team of videographers will get you your video when you need it. Done right, and on-time. Expedited delivery, same day, or next-day are available, if requested.

Delivery Method
Standard delivery is an MPEG file on CD or DVD is provided.
Yes, we still provide VHS, if required.

Supported Formats
Synchronized text and video can also be provided.

Legal Video Protocol
Our videographers arrive in advance to allow ample set-up time and troubleshooting. Each location is different and this set-up time allows our videographer to assess the lighting conditions, seating arrangements, and other room ambiances that may affect the quality of the video. We work with the nuances of the room to allow us to provide and produce the highest quality video possible. You will notice that our equipment set-up is neat and professional, with microphone wires taped under the table and not strewn across the table top. We also use a neutral backdrop that allows a professional image on the playback. Audio levels and framing of the deponent and/or exhibits are constantly monitored throughout the proceeding.

Our videographers have been specially trained and adhere to Certified Legal Video Specialist guidelines and principles to make sure your video playbacks are professional in appearance, clear, and audible. The quality of the end product, the DVD you play in court, is dependent upon the skill and experience of your videographer. The videographers at NNRC are pros in every respect. The backdrops we use make witnesses and exhibits stand out on playback monitors. Broadcast quality lapel mikes and cameras ensure that our services consistently deliver clear sound and sharp images. This ensures a high-quality output to specific video formats for the legal industry.

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Keywords: legal video, Video Services