Rugged 30-inch LED LCD used on JSTARS 461E and 810

By: Nls Display  09-12-2011

The RF-30 was initially designed for J-STARS but can be used in any console on ships, submarines, airplanes or any land-based deployment such as flying UAVs. The key feature of this display is the 30-inch LED backlighting, which is the only 30-inch LED LCD in the world. Utilizing LEDs instead of traditional CCFL tubes reduces heat and power usage over 50% and bonded contrast-enhancing glass ensures a crisp clean image.

  • 30" Bonded LED LCD
  • Optional Touchscreens
  • Dual Input Dual-link DVI
  • Front-mounted USB port with rear-output
  • A-B Video Input switching via front buttons
  • Built to: 461E and 810
  • Available in gray and black
  • Reduce Heat - Reduce Power Consumption!

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