Music Lessons

By: The Wright Music Studio  18-08-2010
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The philosophy of the Music for Young Children® program is to help children develop the happy habit of learning music. Music for Young Children provides the necessary structure for learning to take place while allowing children the freedom to think. Children are empowered to set goals in their learning while experiencing a playful, positive environment.
*Exposure to music makes children smarter.
*Children who take piano lessons are able to learn complex math problems earlier than those who’ve had no musical training.
*Rhythmic movement plays a critical role in the reading process – the ability to keep a steady beat – simply clapping hands rhythmically – figures prominently in cognitive development.
*Music training, specifically piano instruction, is far superior to computer instruction in dramatically enhancing children’s abstract reasoning skills necessary for learning math and science.
Music for Young Children builds a solid foundation of understanding and enjoyment of music. Singing together creates a special bond. Keyboard playing and rhythm ensembles nurture team skills. Creative movement develops individual expressiveness. Music reading and theory are reinforced with group activities and with colorful, hands-on materials. Composing integrates aural and written skills and gives children a sense of ownership.
Because it's fun!! (In addition to being of superior quality, very comprehensive, confidence building and a wonderful way to begin the study of music.). Because the child and parent bond as a "music team" during lessons and that carries on at home during daily practice and other family activities. Because this program provides so much musicianship training to young children that it's got to be seen and heard to be believed!! Because 24,000 happy students a year can't be wrong!!
Heather Wright holds a Master's Degree in Music Performance and Pedagogy (M.Mus.), a Master's Degree in Ethnomusicology (M.A.) from Memorial University of Newfoundland, and a Bachelor's degree in Music (B.Mus.) from the University of British Columbia. She started playing the violin at the age of 3, and soon afterwards took up the Highland pipes, the piano, the flute, the trombone, and the accordion. Her playing experience is very diverse, and encompasses a number of styles. She has played with the UBC Symphony, the West Coast Symphony, the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra, the Celtic group Seanachie, the Maple Ridge Pipe Band, the Youth Millennium Pipe Band, the City of St. John’s Pipe Band, the liturgical ensemble Shaïda, the Newfoundland rock band The Ramblers, and the Greek folk group The Forgotten Bouzouki.
Located in Witless Bay's old General Store, the Wright Music Studio is a bright, spacious environment with instruments galore, with everything from Highland bagpipes to ugly sticks! We have tin whistles, basses, violins, harmonicas, guitars, tambourines, digital pianos, an accordion, a viola, a flute, shakers, xylophones and claves - everything to make music!

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