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By: Green Depot  09-12-2011

With color all the way through, wear spots aren't very noticeable. Marmoleum has excellent resistance to indentation marks. Its static load limit is 150 pounds per square inch, double that of many vinyl composition tiles. Additionally, Marmoleum doesn’t melt like vinyl will, and minor burn marks rub away with a nylon pad or steel wool.

Initial Care Following Installation:

  1. Remove loose soil and grit by sweeping, dust mopping or, preferably, vacuuming the floor. Micro-fiber dusters are also recommended.
  2. Dilute 1 ounce (3 capfuls) of Marmoleum Floor Cleaner in 1 gallon of clean water. Note: Marmoleum is made from natural raw materials. The use of harsh alkalis or high pH cleaners (such as Ammonia or similar products) may damage Marmoleum and should be avoided.
  3. Apply the cleaning solution with a mop or sponge. Do not flood the floor or use too much water.
  4. Pick up any soil and excess cleaner with a clean mop or cloth. When mopping, rinse the mop frequently and change the solution as needed.
  5. A non-abrasive nylon scrubbing pad can be used for cleaning small stubborn spots. For larger areas of stubborn soil, a long handled, soft bristled nylon scrub brush is ideal.
  6. Rinse the floor with a clean, damp mop.
  7. Allow the floor to thoroughly dry before allowing traffic.

For ingrained dirt, a scrubbing sponge (non-abrasive) or nylon brush is ideal. When damp mopping, always follow with a clean water rinse and allow the floor to thoroughly dry before allowing traffic. When light cleaning no longer produces the desired results, repeat the recommendations for Initial Care.

The vast majority of spills, including pet accidents, can be cleaned off your Marmoleum:

  • Act quickly.
  • Blot as much as possible or carefully scrape dried spills with a plastic scraper.
  • Mop with diluted Marmoleum Cleaner.
  • Damp mop with clean water.
  • Repeat steps 3 & 4 if necessary.

If the stain persists, as it may with glue, varnish, paint, ink, tar, cosmetics, shoe polish, some wines, coffee and some other substances, the solution is to remove the surface finish and the stain with it. Apply undiluted Marmoleum cleaner to the stained area and leave in contact with the floor for 2–3 minutes. Rub with a nylon kitchen pad and then rinse with clean water. Repeat if necessary. Once the floor is dry, apply a small amount of finish in the affected area to restore the gloss.

In rare cases of extreme damage, for example, a deep gouge in the surface of the material, a patch may be made by creating a paste with ground up marmoleum of the same color and style and Elmer's glue.

Finish your doorways off with transitional pieces or thresholds. Forbo offers a variety of pieces in many colors to match the color of your new linoleum

For a single tile color, multiply the length and width of the room, in inches. (Divide rooms with complicated floor shapes into rectangles, multiply the length and width of each one, and then add the answers.) Once you have determined the room size, calculate an extra 5-10% for onsite cuting and triming.

Planks come in 11.81 inch x 35.82 inch panels; 7 planks (20.34 square feet) per carton. Tiles are 11.81 inch x 11.81 inch; 7 tiles (6.78 square feet) per carton. We don't break boxes, so please round up.

For custom designs, we recommend that you make a scale drawing of the room so you can experiment with different ways to arrange the planks or tiles.

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