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By: Green Depot  09-12-2011

Caroma's line of dual-flush toilets gives one the ability to choose whether less or more water is needed to flush. With a two-button system, the user can select a small flush (0.8 gallons) or a larger flush (1.6 gallons in some models, and 1.2 gallons in the High Efficiency models). A 4" trap throughway assures the user of maximum flushing efficiency.

A host of sleek and traditional styles are available, each with the options of a standard or elongated bowl, ADA "easy" height or standard height, and a 12" rough in or an adjustable 10" - 12" rough in. A Caroma dual-flush toilet will help conserve water in any commercial or residential project. Certified by EPA-Watersense as a water-saving device.

All models have complementary sinks--call Green Depot to inquire.

Caroma is at the forefront of product innovation. The sinks are designed with your wants and needs in mind to enhance the bathroom experience. By choosing one of Caroma's sinks, you are making a smart choice in design, style, and options. You can choose from traditional and contemporary ranges and styles.

Download Technical Binder with all Caroma toilet specs at right.

Caroma offers a 2-year warranty.

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