Inventory Counting Services – WIS International

By: Wis Intl  09-12-2011
Keywords: data collection, RADIO FREQUENCY, Inventory Counting

Inventory Overview

WIS International provides

physical inventory counting services

to all types of businesses. You can rely on a skilled workforce and proprietary technology to efficiently and accurately conduct financial or item level

inventory counts

for your business.

With the single-handed operated WISard™ data collection terminal, experienced inventory specialists have a free hand to move product, enabling a quicker and smoother inventory. WISards are now equipped with Radio Frequency (R.F.) technology that allows for continuous data flow between the terminal and inventory computer via a secure, encrypted frequency to provide you with inventory management information - fast!

In addition, customized reports can be created to meet your specific needs. Specialized consulting is also available to assist your corporate and store management in improving operating results.

Here’s how you’ll benefit from working with WIS International:

  • Experienced inventory personnel
    • No need to hire and train staff to perform inventory
  • Specially designed technology
    • RF technology increases inventory efficiency
  • Customized reporting capabilities
    • Reports designed specifically for your business

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