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By: Stories Worth Telling  09-12-2011
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  • Each project is different and ranges in price from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.
  • Projects are labour-intensive, requiring hours of planning, interviewing, researching, writing, layout and coordination.
  • Price often depends on the client's budget, and time to devote to the project.
  • Often, several people or organizations contribute to the project, making it affordable for all to enjoy.

  • One-hour audio interview on CD (includes preparation time for interview): $300
  • Transcript of one-hour audio interview, saved as Word document: $200
  • Edited story (approximately 1000 words) based on one-hour interview: $600
  • Hard-covered book with story and photos (10-inches by 8-inches, 24 pages, full colour): $1200
  • Photograph and document scans for book: $5 each

  • Please note: prices do not include long distance telephone charges, delivery fees, or applicable taxes.
    Interviews unlock the ideas for your story.
    We meet with you to find out more about your story. Who will tell the story? What is it about? Where does the story happen? Over what time period? Why is the story significant? This information helps us prepare our interview questions. We then interview you, family, community members, or colleagues - the narrators of the story. The length of the interviews depends on the story to be told. Interviews are recorded.
    CDs and transcripts of the recordings are prepared.
    Once the interviews are completed, we prepare CDs and transcripts of the recordings. The material is used to write your story. Copies of the CDs and transcripts are available for you to purchase.
    Your story is written.
    We write a story based on the interviews. Depending on the project, we will also conduct social history research to put your story into context. When the first draft is finished, you have the opportunity to review the story. We then make any final edits.
    A book will be made with care.
    Prices vary depending on the project.
    Typical prices to expect.
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    Keywords: Cds, Recordings, Social History