By: Healthy By Nature Halifax  09-12-2011

We really are what we eat!

Erika, In just 2 weeks I’ve dropped 7 pounds, my clothes are fitting a lot better, and there is a noticeable difference in the mirror! I can feel that my metabolism is speeding up and working like it used to. Best of all, I am not counting calories (or points). Thank you so much for making this wonderful program!!!!”
- Wendy, Halifax

I’ve been following your program for just 2.5 weeks now and I’m already
LOVING it. I really thought I would be hungry, but I’m not - at all! I have
noticed some changes already and I’m feeling positive about the future.
Thank-you for sharing your knowledge with me.
- Jennifer, Bedford

I have learned more from Erika about nutrition and how it affects my thyroid
condition that anyone in the medical profession. She is very knowledgeable and keeps
me updated and informed about my nutritional needs. I didn't know that eating healthy
could be so much fun and she has introduced me to so many ways to cook foods so that
they are not only delicious but good for me and my family. Whenever there is a food
challenge relating to "what's for supper", she provides me with lots of options to keep
me on the healthy way of eating path.

It's a pleasure for me to meet with Erika on a weekly basis. I never feel intimidated
and she creates an awareness in why it's important to eat healthy. I have tried so many
ways to lose weight and that was always the primary focus. With Erika, what we eat and
how we prepare our food is the primary focus and if we follow her recommendations, the
weight comes off anyway. Healthy eating can be fun!
- Anne, Halifax

I completed he Healthy by Nature program last year and it has changed our family's life!!
We are healthy and so happy being able to take care of ourselves without the use of antibiotics and other meds.
Keep plugging along! We're spreading the word, too!
Thank-you for all of your support and guidance.   
- Brenda, Halifax  

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