By: Going Mobile Wireless  09-12-2011

All of our valued customers are provided a loaner phone or data device to use when their phone is being serviced (a refundable deposit is required to cover any damage to the loaner).

In addition to regular in-warranty repairs, we also offer an Out-Of-Warranty repair service.  Repair costs will vary depending on the issue your phone is experiencing.  Estimates are provided on a per phone basis and are subject to availability of parts required and amount of work needed to complete the repair.

Your Phone comes with a 1-year Manufactures warranty, and extended warranties are available at the time you purchase your phone.  Warranties start from the purchase date.

If your device is no longer covered by a warranty, it may be able to be repaired by one of our Qualified In-House Service Technicians.  Please stop by our location to have your phone sent in for a estimate on its repair.

There is a non-refundable $25 repair estimate fee required when you drop your phone off at one of our locations.  This estimate fee will be applied to the total cost of your repair if your device is repairable.  If your device is not repairable, or you do not approve the repair estimate provided, the estimate fee covers the work performed up to that point.

Some common issues that cause your phone to no longer be covered by its manufactures warranty are as follows:

  1. Your Phone is older than 1-year and no extended warranty was purchased.
  2. Your Phone is older than the Manufacturers Warranty and Extended Warranty combined.
  3. Your phone has experienced physical damage of some kind, ie: dropped, or sat on.
  4. The phone has been exposed to Moisture.  ie: sink, shower, rain, spills, humidity, etc.

A quick note on Liquid Damage or Moisture Damage:

Liquid Damage is the term used when your phone has been exposed to some kind of moisture.  Moisture in your phone can come from many sources.  The obvious ones would include dropping your phone into water, using it in the rain, or spilling something near or on your phone.  The less obvious causes could be a rusty car charger that has transferred that corrosion to your phone when using the charger.  You phone could also have a build up of condensation from being left in a vehicle overnight, the change in temperature can cause condensation to develop inside your device.

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