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        This is where we discuss your weight loss needs and goals! From there, based on your goals, we will point you in the right direction, and even give you a goal date.

        Once the paperwork is done, instructions for a detox will be given (certain health restrictions apply, see FAQs page for more details!). While you are detoxing, we will be busy, behind the scenes, preparing your own individualized program. It will be presented to you in a special appointment. It is in this appointment, where we will explain the process of how everything works in our centre. All clients must have an appointment for a week later to meet with our on staff nutritionist.


        After all of these formalities are complete, you will be expected to visit our centre twice a week (days and times at your own convenience) for your private weight loss visits. Don't forget your food diary! Our coaches will ask you for your diary each visit, and it is essential to bring with you in order for us to make the necessary suggestions and changes. During these visits, a coach will sit with you and discuss what challenges you may or may not have during the week. Different educational components will be introduced to you each visit. Keep in mind, these visits are all about you!

        The weight loss visits are vary in time, depending on the nature of the topic at hand and what your concerns may be. These visits will continue until you reach your goal weight.

        Congratulations, you are now a graduate! It is here, you have a decision to make. If you feel that you have the confidence and the tools to continue on with your new life style change, you have the option of continuing independently. If you decide to carry on by yourself, ask yourself these questions:

1) Do I know how much food I should put into my new body? By continuing with the plan that got you to your goal weight, you will continue to lose, rather than maintain. By doing this, you will go below your goal weight. At this point, making the wrong food choices will set yourself up for an abrupt increase in weight.

2) Am I ready to make the commitment to this lifestyle change or do I still need more guidance? 

If the answer is no, here is your other option: 


        This plan takes two phases of your goal weight into consideration. The first phase, we have to stabilize your new body! This is where we slowly increase your food to a caloric intake, by where you do not gain or lose anymore. This usually takes about six weeks. Again, you visit the centre twice a week, with your diary, for guidance and support. Even though your body is stabilized, this still doesn't mean that your mind is. It is here where clients develop a fear of eating, as well as a fear of gaining their weight back. 

        If this happens, not to worry! The final phase will settle you into your new lifestyle. During this time, we are going ween you away from the centre! By the end of the six month phase, you should have enough confidence, education and empowerment to adjust to your new body, as well as your new life style! It is at this point, where you will visit us only once a week. We will see how you do for 6 1/2 days without us. This process will take six months. Once the six months is complete, both your mind, body and spirit has come together! Congratulations, you are now empowered.

        After all of this, if you personally don't feel ready to go on on your own, you are always welcome to come back for weekly visits. We will always encourage you to visit the centre!

        Our Registered Holistic Nutritionist is qualified to counsel and advise clients who have special health or lifestyle conditions such as:

1) Diabetes (All types)

2) Thyroid Conditions

3) Gout

4) Celiac

5) G.I Conditions

6) Vegetarian

7) Sports Nutrition

        These services are available at no extra cost to all of our clients. Again, certain health restrictions may apply. For more information, see one of our coaches!

- Learn to Run clinic (See our "Learn to Run" page for more information!)

- Vibration machine available.

- Monthly Seminars and Field Trips (Check our Events Calender for more information!)

- Weekly e- mails! Every Thursday, there will be an e-mail sent to you with special topics of interest such as recipes, notes from our nutritionist, special guest writers, and exciting updates from our centre! The purpose of this is to keep you in the loop with what's going on!

- Unlimited access to the staff. When the centre is closed after regular business hours, you can reach any of the staff via their e-mails. Never hesitate to contact either one of us if you have any questions or concerns.

        You never know what we could surprise you with! Keep checking our centre, as well as the website to keep up to date with our exciting adventures! The website will be updated on a weekly basis.

Keywords: Nutrition, Weight Loss

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